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4-H at Home

4-H at Home-Following are links to educational activities for youth, parents, grandparents, and caregivers to enjoy together while at home.

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Your Oklahoma 4-H Faculty has gathered the following resources for you. We hope this information will help as you navigate the new experience of having your youth at home during the school year. 

Challenge your youth to explore and pick a few activities; help them gather the materials and then work on the activities together.

We wish you all the best. If you find great resources you would recommend for other families, please send us an email:

Resources for Every Project

Oklahoma Youth inspired Facebook page featuring activity videos focusing on Expressive Arts, Health, STEM, Agriculture, and much more. These video activities are intended for youth (and parents) at home.
The following link from UpgradedPoints will take you to an article for even more virtual tours. From all kinds of amusement parks around the world, to the Colosseum in Rome. There are over 100 different virtual tours for you to take. Thank you to the whole team who put this article together and reached out to us about it.
The following link from Washington State 4-H program contains many useful resources for youth and families to explore:
Utah 4-H has developed many project guides for use during 4-H meetings and for member exploration:

Inspire Kids to Do Activity Guides from National 4-H Council

Working on your 4-H Recordbook? Ruth Allard, Cleveland County 4-H,  gives great information for families about how to do a State Record Book. If you need anymore information, please contact - Record Book Training Video
4-H At Home Sheets



Healthy Living



4-H STEM Lab - Easy activities for all ages, designed to get your kids interested in STEM
NASA Fun things to do at Home - NASA Videos and Educational Activities for grades 5-8
NASA STEM on Station - Experiments from the International Space Station (ISS)
OK4H STEM Videos - Quick experiment videos to teach STEM
Oklahoma Ag in the Classroom - Lessons with educational activities to introduce youth to agriculture and much more
Design It: Tracks and Balls - Use pipe insulation and marbles to engineer and design
Foam Rocketry - Build Rockets with pipe insulation
CS FIRST - A free computer science curriculum, from Google, that makes coding easy to teach and fun to learn.
SciStarter - Looking for a fun Citizen Science Project? Research, Study, Collect and Report Data from your backyard

Civic Engagement

Youth Service Day:

Think Action Packed - This is a service offered by motivational speaker Kyle Willkom, 2018 Roundup.  There are over 100 short videos for middle school and high school students from the experts!  All you have to do is register with an email address but all content is free!  

Community Engagement:
  • Research a community topic that interests you, discuss it with a caring adult and write a letter to a decision maker of why you feel your chosen topic is important.  
  • Develop a flier for a chosen community topic to help educate the public about a topic. 

    Civic Education:
    Personal Development:

    Virtual Tours

    Let your imagination soar as you explore a multitude of amazing places and learn about a host of life experiences without ever leaving your favorite comfy spot

    Virtual Tour resources compiled by University of Connecticut 4-H program

    Commercial Resources