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4-H Youth Development



THE OKLAHOMA 4-H FOUNDATION strives to support 4-H youth development programs in a multitude of ways. The Foundation relies on individual, corporate and foundation partners to achieve our goals of supporting the meaningful, instructive and diverse 4-H programs sponsored by Oklahoma 4-H each year. If you are interested in funding or helping with any of these programs, please contact the Foundation at 405-744-5390. Specific program needs that the Foundation supports are:

  • Officers and Ambassadors
  • Volunteer Leadership
  • State 4-H Roundup
  • National 4-H Congress
  • State 4-H Judging Teams
  • Educational Events
  • Educational Scholarships
  • Project Medals and Awards
  • 4-H Enhancement Grants
  • Program Expansion




MANY YOUNG PEOPLE in Oklahoma aspire to be involved in advanced leadership opportunities. State 4-H Officers and Ambassadors help provide leadership for visibility and promotional activities, educational events, and advocacy efforts. Additional funding is needed to help defray the cost of their uniforms, advanced training, and travel to represent Oklahoma 4-H.

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Learn more about the State 4-H Ambassador team
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OKLAHOMA 4-H DEPENDS on more than 4,000 volunteers who serve over 140,000 youth involved in the 4-H program. Offering educational opportunities for volunteers is essential and one of our most critical needs. Funds for program support and travel will allow more volunteers to attend events like the Southern Region 4-H Volunteer Forum, the State 4-H Volunteer Leader Conference and other specialized training.

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OKLAHOMA 4-H ROUNDUP offers a unique combination of educational programs, competitive events, motivational activities, leadership training, social interaction and recognition for more than 1,200 4-H members, volunteers, and staff. Annual contributions of more than $20,000 currently support member recognition and educational programs. Additional funds could be used to provide annual or endowed support to keep the cost of 4-H Roundup as low as possible.

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NATIONAL CONGRESS is the flagship event of the 4-H program. Since the 1920s, youth from the United States and its territories have participated in this youth leadership development conference, which provides youth with a quality, educational and cross-cultural experience exceeding what any state independently provides. It is designed to address the needs and issues of youth while helping to develop capable, competent and caring citizens.

Changes in National Congress sponsorship have caused a majority of the support for the program to fall on the individual states that send delegates. Oklahoma continues the tradition of sending some of the most outstanding 4-H members; however, we are no longer the largest delegation. We need $50,000 annually to ensure that Oklahoma can send the best members to this life-changing national event.

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EVERY YEAR, Oklahoma has an opportunity to be represented by 4-H members who have excelled in judging activities for livestock, meats, horse, forestry and wildlife habitat evaluation. Travel costs range from $4,000 to $6,000 for each team.

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OKLAHOMA 4-H MEMBERS participate in a number of other educational events that are all currently self-funded. These include the Citizenship Washington Focus trip to Washington, D.C.,  and National Western Roundup in Denver. Each of these trips provides a unique opportunity for Oklahoma 4-H members to learn, visit incredible historic sites, and meet other 4-H’ers from around the country. Additional funding could make these educational experiences more affordable for Oklahoma youth who currently cannot participate.

Learn more about Citizenship Washington Focus
Learn more about National Western Roundup
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ONE OF THE MOST INTEGRAL PARTS of the 4-H Foundation is the funding of educational scholarships for senior 4-H’ers. With more than 200 outstanding 4-H members competing for approximately 50 educational scholarships each year, the Oklahoma 4-H awards program provides a competitive outlet for members to help finance their college careers and learn about organization, English composition and record keeping.

These scholarships are offered for project work, advanced project work, graduating seniors and 4-H alumni. On average, the Oklahoma 4-H Foundation gives away 33 project and advanced project $1,000 scholarships, with an additional 17 senior and special scholarships of $500 to $1,000. This averages to be about $45,500 in scholarships given to Oklahoma 4-H youth each year.

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THOUSANDS OF PROJECT and special awards are presented at the county and state level in recognition of the outstanding work being done by 4-H members and volunteers. Recognizing people for a job well done is an essential part of the educational process within 4-H. Sponsors are always needed to provide a specific project recognition or general support for recognition. Annual gifts of $20,000 are required to maintain this critical part of the 4-H program.

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THE COUNTY EXTENSION EDUCATORS in Oklahoma continue to develop exciting and innovative educational programs. 4-H enhancement grants enhance their existing programs and stimulate the development of new programs that can expand our capacity to meet the educational needs of young people and volunteers. These grants are limited only by the amount of money available. An additional $20,000 is needed annually to meet all the needs expressed by club and county programs. If you are interested in applying for an Enhancement Grant, please find all application information linked below.

Link to application and information sheets
Link to review sheet
Link to report form
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AS THE POPULATION IN OKLAHOMA becomes more diverse and as the needs of our communities change, there is a great need for 4-H to keep up with these changes. Many times this requires new and innovative programs that must be developed from scratch. Whether these are new technology-based programs or outreach to new audiences, these efforts require start up funds to be successful. Annual gifts of $25,000 to $50,000 for at least three years at a time will be required to sustain these new efforts. If you would like to donate to any of these efforts or any of the programs listed above, please click on the link below.