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4-H Youth Development


To learn more about 4-H volunteer opportunities in your community by contact your county extension office.
Volunteer Roles in 4-H
Volunteers are essential to the continued growth and development of a successful 4-H program. A volunteer may be a 4-H parent, relative or friend or a supporter of 4-H. Volunteers may serve as judges, club or project leaders, chaperons, resource persons or promoters. These unique individuals give not only their time, approximately 220 hours per year, but also their resources, donating over $1.9 billion.
Volunteer Certification
Four-H volunteers provide leadership and service to the community by assisting youth in developing life skills and civic responsibility. Quality leadership is important in the development of capable 4-H members. This application provides the 4-H program an opportunity to select individuals best suited for leadership roles necessary for furnishing youth with a quality educational experience. Thank you for your interest in sharing your time, talents and resources with the Oklahoma 4-H program.
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State Volunteer Board: Members and Membership
Adult leadership team with three representatives from each of the four districts.