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4-H Youth Development

Skills vs. Life Skills

  • A Skill is a learned ability to do something well
  • Life Skills are the way one applies learned skills to real life situations

Life Skills include...

  • Learning to Learn
  • Decision Making
  • Planning, Implementation and Evaluating
  • Self-responsibility
  • Healthy Lifestyle Choices
  • Personal Safety
  • Communication
  • Accepting Differences
  • Social Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Community Service Volunteering
  • Marketable Skills

There are a total of 35 life skills.  To view the entire model and definitions of each skill see VOL.4H.135 Targeting Life Skills

Effective Use Of Life Skills

Life Skills are to be integrated into subject matter content; "not added-on." Life Skills are best learned when practiced at the developmental level of the learner. One or more skills are to be included in any one educational experience.