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4-H Youth Development

State Fair Information

Oklahoma State Fair

  • 2019 4-H FAIR BOOK CHANGES FOR THE OKLAHOMA STATE FAIR (Changes are highlighted in yellow)
  • 2019 4-H FAIR BOOK for COUNTIES FOR THE OKLAHOMA STATE FAIR (Changes NOT highlighted)
  • Indoor 4-H Exhibits -- Entry Procedure

    Interactive Opportunities



    Tulsa State Fair

    Indoor 4-H Exhibits  -- Entry Procedure

      • 2019 County Entry Database (Use to enter tag and summary information)
      • 2019 Exhibitor Tag Template


    Forms and Resources


    Fabrics and Fashions (Design and Construction)


    4-H Food Science and Nutrition


    Wheat Variety Maturity Classification Fact Sheet

    4-H Team Certification Form

    Contact Information

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