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4-H Youth Development

Contest Info & Forms

Contest Guidelines and Entry Forms
Due June 14

Here is a summary of the Roundup Contests


4-H Has Talent

ATV Safety Contest

Participants MUST have ATV Safety Institute RiderCourse Certification Card to participate in this contest

Clover Bowl

Communication Event

Materials (speeches/illustrated talks/Digital) previously presented at Roundup as a team/individual are not permitted.

Prior to competing at Roundup, the presentations should have been presented before a group (i.e. county/district/regional contest, local 4-H club meeting, community organization, class, etc.)

  • Guidelines for Speeches, Illustrated Presentation and Digital PDF WORD Score Sheet
  • Guidelines for Photography Exhibition PDF WORD Score Sheet Photos and completed score sheet due June 14.
    • Photography is a means of self-expression and creativity through the lenses of a camera.  The exhibitor will illustrate and communicate their mastery of photographic equipment, techniques, composition (elements and principles of art), lighting, storytelling, photo editing and processing through four photos.  The exhibitor will meet with the judge to discuss the photos, share the experience and knowledge learned.  This is referred to as “interview” judging.
  • Guidelines for Graphic Arts Exhibition PDF WORD Score Sheet Graphic Arts and completed score sheet due June 14.
    • Graphic design is creating visual and written content, by hand or using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers.  The designer develops the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, reports, digital billboard, webpage and even an electronic/digital game.  The products purpose may be commercial, educational, cultural or political.
  • Guidelines for Video Exhibition PDF WORD Score Sheet Other Paperwork Video, paperwork and score sheet due June 14.
    • The best told stories are those that you believe in and inspire passion.  Just like a speech or a written story, the video will have an introduction, body and conclusion.  The story will have a purpose - to inform, persuade, inspire, or entertain.

Fabrics and Fashions Revue

FCS Skill-a-Thon Contest

Resources for FCS Skill-a-Thon

Sewing and Clothing ID

Food and Cooking ID

Interior Design and Housing ID

Food and Nutrition Judging Class

Life Skills Management Study Materials (Group Component)

Hippology Contest

Job Readiness

Land Judging Contest

Land judging provides a unique opportunity for 4-H members to learn about land productivity and conservation management.   Oklahoma has a proud history of hosting the National Land and Rangeland judging contest for 59 years.  To learn more about land judging in Oklahoma go to the website or Oklahoma County Conservation District National L&R Judging Contest

Livestock Quiz Bowl

NOTE: Teams participating at the State 4-H Livestock Quiz Bowl are encouraged to submit 10 to 20 questions for consideration of use for the contest.  Questions should be forwarded to Justin McDaniel a minimum of 14 days prior to competition.  Question topics should be varied so that a variety of subjects, nutrition, reproduction, breeds, tools, etc., are included.

Tractor Operators Contest

Vocal Contest