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4-H Youth Development

Roundup Election Information 2020

Roundup Election Information 2020


Candidates and campaign videos


Name: Hunter Haxton  County: McClain County
Introduction: Hunter Haxton is senior at Blanchard High School and has been a proud member of the Blanchard 4-H Club for 7 years.  Hunter serves his club as President and serves McClain County as 4-H Vice-President.  He currently serves as the Southeast District President.  His project areas include safety, leadership and health and fitness.  His favorite hobbies are hiking the outdoors and spending time with family and friends.  Some of his greatest achievements were being selected as SE Representative on the 2018-2019 State Council Team and being selected as a State Healthy Living Ambassador the last 3 years. 
Name: Grace Palmer  County: McCurtain County
Introduction: My name is Grace Palmer and I am eighteen years old.  I have been involved in 4-H for nine years in the Homeschool 4-H club in McCurtain County.  Throughout my 4-H career, I have been able to show my swine projects for thirteen years and have met so many people that I would have never met otherwise.  I have also served on the State Council for two years and I hope to serve and represent Oklahoma again.  
Name: Lilyana Sestak   County: Lincoln County
Introduction: Lilyana Sestak is a 17 year old 4-H member of the Prague 4-H club in Lincoln County.  Her favorite activities include mentoring other 4-H members and showing beef cattle.  Her projects are food science and family and consumer sciences.  Most of all she enjoys representing Oklahoma 4-H and serving its members with pride. 
Name: Ethan Haggard     County: Garfield County
Introduction: Hi, my name is Ethan Haggard and I am 16 years old.  I am a 5-year member of the Kremlin-Hillsdale 4-H club in Garfield County.  My main project areas is AOP Science and Technology; I am also involved in Conservation of Natural Resources, Leadership, Citizenship, Shooting Sports and Design and Construction.  My favorite things to do are hanging out with friends, hiking, kayaking, and spending time with my family.  My most proud accomplishment is starting my own community service project. 
Name: Samantha Hunt     County: Marshall County
Introduction:  Samantha Hunt is 16 years old and have been in 4-H for 6 years.  Samantha is active in the 4-H dog club and horse club and has previously been in a multitude of other 4-H clubs.  Samantha's hobbies include art, reading, dog training, and horseback riding.  Samantha has previously served as her county 4-H secretary and reporter.  She is currently serving as the Southeast District Secretary and Marshall County President.  Her proudest achievement is having the opportunity to serve others.  Samantha's goal is to inspire others to use their talents to make a difference in their community. 
Name: Olivia Napier      County: Pushmataha County
Introduction: My name is Olivia Napier and I am currently 17 years old.  I'm a senior at Moyers High School where I have been a 4-H member for 8 years in Pushmataha County.  I am currently serving as both my school and county President.  My main project area is agriculture and I also participate in leadership, community service, and Fabrics and Fashions.  The achievement that I am most proud of is the fact that I have never missed a day of school in my entire life. 
Name: Ethan Shoemake     County: Muskogee County
Introduction: Ethan Shoemake is a 16 years old Porum 4-H member from Muskogee County.  Ethan has been in 4-H for 8 years and is involved in leadership and public speaking.  Ethan's greatest accomplishment has been being able to represent Oklahoma 4-H as a National Healthy Living Design Team Chair and spreading his "Confident by Compact" curriculum.  Ethan enjoys sonic runs with his friends and showing cattle.
Name: Cortney Evans     County: Grady County
Introduction: Cortney Evans is 17 years old and a 4-H member from Grady County/  Her main 4-H project areas are healthy living, public speaking and child care.  She has a passion for American Sign Language and has learned to incorporate it in her 4-H project work.  She was named the 2019 Achievement Project winner, has been a State Healthy Living Ambassador for the past 2 years and served Oklahoma 4-H as a West District Representative on State Leadership Council. 
Name: Mia Mitchell     County: Oklahoma County
Introduction: Mia has been actively involved in the 4-H program for just 5 short years, but has has an abundance of life-long skills and memories along the way.  She is 17 years old and a member of the Harrah 4-H club in Oklahoma County.  Her project areas include breads, leadership and public speaking.  Her most proud achievements are being inducted into the Oklahoma County 4-H Hall of Fame and serving on the Youth Leadership Team during National 4-H Congress in Atlanta, GA.  In her spare time she enjoys spending time outside and watching old films. 

Recreation Leader:
Name: Ellise Barcum     County: Cleveland County
Introduction: My name is Ellise Barcum.  I am a 16 year old 4-Her from Cleveland County and have been involved in 4-H for about 5 years.  In those years I've been part of the Cleveland County Clover Cloggers where I discovered my passion for my project area of recreation and leisure arts, healthy living, citizenship and leadership.  One of the things I am most proud of in this program is serving as a Oklahoma State 4-H Ambassador.  In my downtime I love to play my instruments and spend time with friends and family. 
Name: Kamryn Brewer     County: Seminole County
Introduction: My name is Kamryn Brewer.  I am 17 years old and currently in my 8th year of 4-H.  I have served as President and Vice-President of Seminole County and the Varnum 4-H Club.  My project areas include leadership, STEM, and swine.  My hobbies are serving in the children's room at church, spending time with loved ones, and playing the piano! The achievement I am most proud of is being selected to go on Youth Tour 2020!  Youth Tour is a week long leadership event in Washington DC and only 2 high schoolers in my area were chosen so it was an honor!
Name: Elizabeth Chambers     County: Osage County
Introduction: Elizabeth Chambers is a home-schooled ranch kid, who has been a member of the Bowring 4-H in Osage County for seven years.  Her project areas are leadership, beef, and performing arts.  She is a member of the State 4-H Music Corps and also serves as a State 4-H Ambassador.  Elizabeth loves playing her guitar, singing, riding horses, working cattle and livestock judging.  Her most prized 4-H accomplishment us the State 4-H Level 1 Performing Arts Scholarship. 
Northeast District Representative:
Name: Kaytie Cash     County: Muskogee County
Introduction: Hello I’m Kaytie Cash.  I am 17 and have been in 4-H for 8 years.  My projects include Vet Science, Beef, and Leadership.  I represent Porum 4-H in Muskogee County.  In my spare time I enjoy reading and working in my barn.  The achievement I am most proud is reorganizing my local club.  After a decline in membership, only two active members, I began an effort to revive our club.  Together, we raised our membership to over 30 active members!  4-H has made me who I am today, and I couldn’t be more excited to give back to my community.
Name: Carolyn Greenfield     County: Payne County
Introduction: My name is Carolyn Greenfield and I am 15 years old, this is my 7th year in 4-H and I am from the Twin Mounds 4-H Club in Payne County.  Some of my hobbies are baking and cooking!  Ever since I was a young 4-H’er I have loved to spend time in the kitchen, whether it is helping my mom or making cookies for fun.  That is one of the main reasons why my main project area is Food Science along with Citizenship and Leadership.  An achievement I am most proud of is being selected to attend Citizenship Washington Focus.
Name: Jared Stone    County: Lincoln County
Introduction: An 8 year Lincoln County 4-H member, Jared Stone has many 4-H projects including Beef, Leadership, Public Speaking and Wildlife and Fisheries.  As a 17 year old Chandler 4-H’er, Mr. Stone is most proud to have been selected as an inductee to Lincoln County 4-H Hall of Fame, and the 2019 State Beef Project Winner.  Some of Jared’s hobbies include hunting and fishing, Raising cattle and teaching others. 
Name: Elizabeth Tate     County: Pawnee County
Introduction: My name is Elizabeth Tate, I am 17 years old.  I am an active 4-H member in Pawnee County.  I have been in 4-H for 8 years.  My favorite project areas are Shooting Sports and Livestock.  My favorite aspect of 4-H is that we are committed and passionate about what we do and how we help the community.

Southeast District Representative: 
Name: Delaney Cruzan     County: Cleveland County
Introduction: My name is Delaney Cruzan and I am 17 years old.  I am a member of the Little Axe 4-H Club. My project areas are Health & Fitness, Community Service and Leadership.  My hobbies include Swing Dancing, Foreign Language and Sustainable Design.  The accomplishments I am most proud of is holding a district office position.  I had to overcome many of my fears to campaign effectively and while it was difficult at times, it was still worth the effort.  4-H has made many things possible for me.  I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to serve this program which has given me so much already.
Name: BrookAnn Dillishaw     County: Pushmataha County
Introduction: My name is Brook Ann Dillishaw.  I am 16 and I am from Pushmataha County.  I attend Rattan High School where I have been an active member in 4-H for 7 years.  Some of my hobbies include showing goats, gardening and painting.  My project areas are Agriculture and Leadership.  One thing I absolutely love about 4-H is how it brings people together and makes a family.
Name: Morley Griffith     County: Pottawatomie County
Introduction: My name is Morley Griffith and I have been an active 4-H member since I was a clover-bud at the age of five. I am 15 years old and attend Dale High School in Pottawatomie County.  Early on in my 4-H career I knew two things for sure, I love 4-H and I love beef cattle.  I have also been an active member on the Southeast District Action Team as well as the State 4-H Ambassador team. I hope to meet as many 4-H members as possible so I can better serve you and the 4-H program. I hope to serve in making the best better for Oklahoma 4-H members.
Name: Brayden Ingle     County: Hughes County
Introduction: My name is Braden Ingle, and I am a member of the Calvin 4-H Club in Hughes County.  I have been active in 4-H for 4 years now, and I am looking forward to my last few years and how I can serve my club, district and state.  My project areas have been Citizenship, Leadership, Public Speaking and Sheep.  My hobbies include playing video games, playing basketball, hanging out with my friends, studying and doing anything to better my 4-H story.  The achievement I am most proud of was being the only returning officer in the Southeast District this past year and serving as Vice President.
Name: Graci King     County: Love County
Introduction: My name is Graci King and I am 17 years old.  I have been in 4-H for 9 years.  I am involved with the Love County Home School Club.  My hobbies include photography, playing music and hanging out with friends.  My project areas are Photography and Leadership.  The achievements I am most proud of are becoming District Officer, going to Washington D.C. to The Youth Photography Summit, and being a Hall of Fame winner in Love County.
Name: Keona Mason     County: Johnston County
Introduction: My name Is Keona Mason and I have been in 4-H for 9 years.  I am a part of the Tishomingo 4-H Club in Johnston County.  My main project areas are Swine and Public Speaking.  I love engaging with other members and learning about other project areas.  My proudest accomplishment is becoming a county officer because I can reach more 4-H members in my county and show them 4-H has the perfect place for them.
Name: Wyatt Nikodym     County: McClain County
Introduction: Hey Ya’ll, my name is Wyatt Nikodym and here are a few things about me.  First, I am 16 and I have been serving as a member of 4-H for about 11 years.  Next, I am the McClain County Photographer and on the local level I am the Newcastle Public Relations Officer.  Lastly, my favorite project area is Outdoor Recreation.  I also participate in photography, public speaking and livestock cattle.  Some of my hobbies include hiking, reading and overall just enjoying life!  My greatest 4-H achievement is being selected to go to Citizenship Washington Focus.
West District Representative:
Name: Tack Hammer     County: Roger Mills County
Introduction: My name is Tack Hammer, I ma 15 years old, I have been in 4-H for 7 years in Roger Mills County.  My hobbies are music, video games and sports.  My project areas are Performing Arts and Leadership.  My biggest achievements are 4-H Has Talent and District Office Membership.
Name: Bailey Hatfield     County: Custer County
Introduction: I have completed 7 years in 4-H Custer County.  My main project started out as Horse and has grown to include Public Speaking, Vet Science, Leadership and Community Service.  I have tried a little bit of everything, but I enjoy my Horse and Community Service the most.  I am most proud of being State Ambassador, West District President and being named the State 4-H Horse project winner.  I am very proud of how I have grown in my riding and public speaking skills and confidence that 4-H has given me through all of my 4-H work.  Thank you Oklahoma 4-H!
Name: Hunter Kelsey     County: Grady County
Introduction: Hunter Kelsey is 17 years old and a member from Grady County.  In 2019, Hunter was named the State Project Winner in Safety.  He is currently serving as a State Healthy Living Ambassador and his favorite 4-H event is serving as a Clover Buddy at Special Clovers Camp.  In 2020, Hunter was a top 10 4-H member and interviewed for State 4-H Hall of Fame.
Name: Jacob Miller     County: Custer County
Introduction: My name is Jacob Miller, and I am 16 years old.  I have been involved within the 4-H program for 6 years now, and love to represent Custer County.  I absolutely love caring for, training, and showing western Performance Horses.  My project areas include Leadership, Citizenship and Horse.  My favorite achievement was being selected as an Oklahoma 4-H Ambassador.
Name: Rachel Mitchell     County: Tillman County
Introduction: Rachel is a 16 year old senior at Frederick High School.  She is from Tillman Count and this is her 8th year to be a part of 4-H.  Rachel’s project areas include Childcare and Leadership; her hobbies include painting, playing with her dogs, fishing and hiking.  She is very proud of her leadership skills she has acquired through the 4-H program.  Her most important achievement has been being elected as your West District South Region Vice President.  Rachel has also been able to maintain a 4.0 GPA and is one of the top students in her class.
Name: Madison Nickels     County: Garfield County
Introduction: My name is Madison Nickels, I am 15 years old from Garfield County.  I am a 7 year member of the Enid 4-H Club.  My main projects are Fabrics & Fashion, Foods & Nutrition and Community Service.  My hobbies include playing tennis on my high school team and singing in my school choir.  A few of my proudest achievements include being State 4-H Ambassador, State Healthy Living Ambassador, West District Recreation Leader and a Level I project winner in Family and Consumer Sciences.  I am also proud of my work with my service project, Operation Gratitude.