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4-H Youth Development

Roundup 2020 Clover Kiosks

Roundup 2020 Clover Kiosks

What is Hippology
Explanation of the contest
Presenter: Kris Hiney 
Clover Kiosks: FAPC, a Premiere, State of the Art Research Facility
The Oklahoma State University Robert M. Kerr Food and Agricultural Products Center has programs, projects and activities that support innovation and growth of the food and agricultural business sectors of Oklahoma, increase food safety for consumers, assist in the development of students for careers in the Oklahoma food industry, and support and enhance the impact of the Center on the state, region, and nation.
Presenter: Mandy Gross
Beef Carcass Cuts
Learn about how a whole beef carcass becomes the retail cuts we see in the store. 
Presenter: Kathryn Hearn

From 4-H to EHS
A quick look at how the 4-H pledge connects to the academic majors in the College of Education and Human Sciences.
Presenter: Mason Martin

Agricultural Education Overview
The agricultural education teacher preparation program is outlined by the director of Student Teaching
Presenter: Jon Ramsey

The Implications of Social Media on Relationships
This presentation will focus on the impact of social media on current and future relationships, including boundaries and safety in online relationships. Implications for personal, relational, and professional growth will be addressed.
Presenter: Jordan Shuler

Pork Carcass Cuts
Learn how to get retail cuts we see in the store from a whole pork carcass. 
Presenter: Kathryn Hearn

Landscape Architecture
Introduction to Landscape Architecture profession
Presenter: Qing Luo

Chemistry of Butter
Learn how to make your very own butter right at home!
Presenter: Kamryn Brewer
The Importance of Drinking More Water
We will learn about why our bodies need water and how to drink more!
Presenter: Olivia Hawkins
Nutrition for Athletes
In this video, you will learn about pre- and post-workout nutrition to enhance your performance!
Presenter: Tina Sergi
Healthy Snacks on the Go
In this video, you will learn about some quick and nutritious snacks to take on the go!
Presenter: Tina Sergi

Healthy Snacks
In this video I give tips for what you need out of a mid-morning snack that will be fulfilling and last you until lunch. I also give 3 modifiable options of easy to make and highly portable snacks to get you thinking about what healthy snacks you will be bringing to class in the fall. 
Presenter: Lauren Higganbotham

Healthy Foods
Tips on choosing healthy fruits and vegetables 
Presenter: Katie Strait
My Plate
In this video I discuss how to use MyPlate as a guide for healthy eating. I focus on the fruit and vegetable side of the plate, going over recommendations for your age group. I go over what counts as a serving size, how to buy canned and frozen fruits and vegetables, and an easy tip to help you make sure you are consuming a variety of vitamins and minerals. 
Presenter: Lauren Higganbotham
Healthy Desserts
Tips and tricks to make desserts healthier and more nutritious
Presenter: Katie Strait

Sugar Sweetened Beverages
We are going to talk about how much sugar is in some of our favorite drinks!
Presenter: Olivia Hawkins 

Fiber is Your Friend
We will be learning about why fiber is important for the body!
Presenter: Olivia Hawkins