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4-H Youth Development

Roundup 2020 Contest Winners

Roundup 2020 Contest Winners

4-H Cloverbowl Results:
1st Place Team: Pushmataha County
2nd Place Team: Pontotoc County
Job Readiness Results: 
Intermediate Maintenance Person – Ryne Crosthwait - Payne County
Intermediate Team Member – Audrey Allen - Logan County
Senior Team Member – Teegin Crosthwait - Payne County
Senior Maintenance Person – Dylan Neely - Okfuskee County
Senior Assistant Manager – KayLea Taylor - Logan County
Livestock Quiz Bowl:
1st Place Team: Seminole County
2nd Place Team: Jackson County
3rd Place Team: Okfuskee County
1st Place: Dally Pederson - Canadian County
2nd Place: Killian Baker - Creek County
1st Place: Tyla Maness  - Cimarron County
2nd Place: Brooke Munson  - Rogers County
3rd Place: Charlotte Spires  - Cleveland County
4th Place: Olivia Alls  - Pottawatomie County
5th Place: Megyn Alls  - Pottawatomie County
6th Place: Bronk Embry -  Cimarron County
7th Place: Ella Cox  - Okmulgee County
8th Place: Kayleigh Post -  Pittsburg County
9th Place: Jake Cox -  Okmulgee County
10th Place: Bridger Arrington -  Logan County
ATV Results:
Gavin Cook - Woods County
Kyleigh Bleeker - Okfuskee County
Luke Clifton - Pittsburg County
Hayden Bailey - Nowata County
Zachary Wagner - Cotton County
Wesley Hurst - Johnston County
Cash Ward - Rogers County
Conner Stahly - Beaver County
Hayden Deeds - Garfield County
Keaston Gonzales - Cotton County
Samuel Geisbrecht - Caddo County
Hunter Kelsey - Grady County
Sage Payne - Grady County
Donavin Evans - Okfuskee County
Gage Gossen - Caddo County
Bridger Arrington - Logan County
Riley Mack - Harper County
Jessie Bland - Dewey County
Natural Resources:
1st Place: Jared Stone - Lincoln County
2nd Place: Bridger Arrington - Logan County
3rd Place: Sage Payne - Grady County
3rd Place: Johnathan Nelson - Beaver County
5th Place: Kathryn Smith - Grady County
6th Place: Brance Barnett - Washita County
FCS Skill-A-Thon:
Top 3 Individuals:
1st Place High Individual - Keona Ellis – Love County
2nd Place High Individual - Delaney Cruzan – Cleveland County 
3rd Place High Individual - Lydia Darce – Grady County
Team Awards:
1st Place Team:
Love County – Keona Ellis, Camdyn Cook, Graci King and Taryn Blankenship
2nd Place Team:
Grady County – Hunter Kelsey, Lydia Darce and Shelby Kelsey
3rd Place Team:
Pittsburg County – Emily Harmon, Shannon Francies and Zoe Boatright
Next 4-H Food Star:

1st Place: Ethan Stone - Lincoln County
2nd Place: Kaylee Rolph - Washington County
3rd Place: Jeanine Gschwandtner - Tulsa County
Music Contest:

Jr Original Composition 1st Place: Hannah Meneely - Osage County
Sr Original Composition 1st Place: TamLynn Link - Woods County
Sr Original Composition 2nd Place: Raylee Soell - Cimarron County

Jr Original Performance 1st Place: Trisdon Metseff - Cleveland County
Jr Original Performance 2nd Place: Tack Hammer - Roger Mills County
Sr Original Performance 1st Place: Philip Kane - Osage County
Sr Original Performance 2nd Place: Haven Hinton - Johnston County
Sr Original Performance 3rd Place: Elizabeth Chambers - Osage County

Jr Vocal Performance 1st Place: Ashlee Purvine - Custer County
Sr Vocal Performance 1st Place: Tamika Jones - Tulsa County
Sr Vocal Performance 2nd Place: Jaydan Coffman - Woods County
Sr Vocal Performance 3rd Place: Emily Criner - Muskogee County

4-H Has Talent:

Winner: Elizabeth Chambers - Osage County - "I Have Nothing" originally by: Whitney Houston

Fabrics and Fashion Revue:

Top 4 and Blue Award:
Erin Slagell - Custer County
Allie Harrison - Okfuskee County
Madison Nickels - Garfield County
Mena Harrison - Okfuskee County

Blue Award:
Audrey Allen - Logan County
Brianna Marenco - Ellis County
Christabel Thomas - Rogers
Red Award:
Conner Stahly - Beaver County
Kayleigh Post - Pittsburg County

Communications Contest:
Illustrated Presentation:
Animal Science: 1st Place: Keona Mason - Johnston County
Family, Consumer and Social Sciences: 1st Place: Wesley Hurst - Johnston County
Animal Science: 1st Place: Madelyn Murphy - Osage County
Plant, Natural and Mechanical Sciences: 1st Place: Rebecca Morrison - Beaver County
Family, Consumer and Social Sciences: 1st Place: Madison Zweiacker - Payne County
Communication and Expressive/Visual Arts and Other: 1st Place: Jordan Mason - Washita County
Animal Science: 1st Place: Calob Walker - Carter County
Water Protection, Conservation and Usage: 1st Place: Sage Payne - Grady County
Family, Consumer, and Social Sciences: 1st Place: Madison Nickels - Garfield County
Communication and Expressive/Visual Arts and Other: 1st Place: Audrey Allen - Logan County
Photography, Video and Graphic Arts:
Photography: 4 photos - people, animals, plant life, and scenery: 1st Place: Allie Powers - Cotton County
Photography: 4 Landscape or Nature Photos: 1st Place: Raylee McGlocklin - Johnston County
Graphic Arts: 1st Place: Brance Barnett - Washita County
Video Presentation: 1st Place: Alexis Enlow - Creek County