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4-H Youth Development

Enrollment - Youth and Adult ("D" labeled Help Sheets)

Approving Enrollment Help Sheets
  • Multi-Family Discount Form (9/2018) - All family members (4-H member and Cloverbuds) must be entered in 4HOnline before the discount will be applied.

Profile Help Sheets - creating and managing family, member and contact profiles

  • D-109 Contacts (10/18/2017) - non-member (youth or adult) associated with our program in some way.  Contacts would include board members, PAC, VAC, committee members, donors, etc.  Contacts can be associated with Groups and recorded in Training's.  They cannot be enrolled in a Club, Project or associated with an Activity and do not count on the ES237.

No 4-H’er or Volunteer will be entered as a contact.  Contacts cannot be entered by the family, only by the Extension Office.  We are Cautiously using the Contact feature at this time.  This feature is not to be used to manage Parents.

Before entering a contact ask this question.  Is the individual associated with a Family Profile?  The answer will influence how the contact is entered.

  • D- 112 Password Reset by the County: Family Password Reset (10/5/16) - How the Extension Office can reset password.
  • E-101 Password Reset by Family - Password Reset (9/22/16) Tool to be shared with families.

Reconciling Reports

  • Volunteer Enrollment Records - The reconciliation of Volunteer Records (new, returning and training) before end of year enrollment rollover.

Renewal - Annual Assessment of Club Leaders and Cloverbud Leaders

Volunteer Access to Enrollment