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4-H Youth Development

(E) Family Information

E-101 Password Reset

Instructions for the family

PDF document icon Password Reset_OK.pdf — PDF document, 643 kB (658652 bytes)

E-104 - Enrollment Night Flyer

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E-103 - Setting Family Profile Password

Use only for family profiles created from a paper enrollment.

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E-105 Transferring Family Profile and Enrollment

Family assuming responsibility for enrollment. Transfer from county to family. Setting password.

PDF document icon E105_SettingFamilyProfilePassword_OKstaffinstrucitons.pdf — PDF document, 1352 kB (1385360 bytes)


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PDF document icon Reports.Families_OK.pdf — PDF document, 937 kB (959952 bytes)

PDF document icon E105_SettingFamilyProfilePassword_OKstaffinstrucitons.pdf — PDF document, 1928 kB (1974275 bytes)