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Groups and Group Enrollment ("G" labeled Help Sheets)

Instruction sheets:

  • G-101 Entering Group Enrollment (10/24/2018) - Group enrollment includes school enrichment, special interest/short term programming, day camps, overnight camps, county events/activities such as county speech contest, county judging contests, etc.  All youth "educational" programming conducted by OCES is reported under group enrollment.  Master Gardners, Ag Educators and FCS Educators doing youth programming will report the educational hours and youth reached.  The county will not enter EFNEP/CNEP numbers.  This will be done at the state level.
  • Group Enrollment: Top Questions and Answers (4/6/17)
  • G-102 Group Enrollment Form (Excel) (PDF) (5/31/2018) - The form is an Excel spread sheet which will print as three pages.  Create one spread sheet for each teacher/volunteer/agency.  If repeat programs done with the teacher or group use the same spreadsheet and record the information for the second program on tab two, three and four respectively.  The sheet can be started by the educator (teachers name, address, date, etc.) and printed as a three page document to be handed to the teacher for demographics. All information will be transferred into 4HOnline Group Enrollment.
  • G-100 Groups: When to Add and How to Manage (10/24/2018) - The primary reason for using this feature is to "communicate" with a group of people.  The secondary reason is that a "Group" must exist to enter a "Group Enrollment."  The state/district has already generated an extensive list of "Groups" which will meet the county needs.  Just because the "Level" on the master list says STATE or DISTRICT does not mean it will not be reported as a county level event.  The Level (state and district) just means the group name was generated at the state or district level.  Use G-104 existing groups (10/24/18) before creating a county group.

When there is a need to create a county group, it MUST be connected to the appropriate "Parent" or state/district level group. Example:  Workshop:ELECTRIC LAMP, Workshop:FURNITURE REFINISHING

"Workshop" in the name is the "parent" group and "ELECTRIC LAMP" is the county's name for the workshop.  Again, the only reason to create this type of group is if the county needs to communicate with the participants, otherwise the county can use "Workshop" on the existing master list to report the workshop numbers under Group Enrollment.

There will be those occasions when someone needs to be part of a Group, yet they are not a member (youth or adult) recorded in 4HOnline.  These individuals will be entered as a Contact and then they can be associated with a Group and receive communications.  Instructions for entering Contacts.