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4-H Youth Development

Record Management ("I" labeled Help Sheets)

Managing training/continuing education, activities and project related records.

Instruction sheets:


  • I-100 Managing Activities (5/3/2016) - Why Use this Feature? – Simple way to manage attendance/participation when an “activity” should/could” be part of an individual’s enrollment record.  Activities can only be recorded for youth and adult members with a profile.  Continue to match activities to the Parent/master list of state and district Groups.  Reminder - Activities do not count toward the Federal ES237 report but may be a very necessary part of the county 4-H program.

Reason a county would use this feature:

    • Record participation in activities and events – Camp, Public Speaking Contest, Food Showdown, Roundup, District Leadership Conference, etc.
    • Track participation for awards/rewards
    • Track attendance at PVA/Leaders meetings, club meetings, etc.  All counties should be tracking attendance at PVA meetings for club management (annual charter renewal) and volunteer certification expectations.


  • I-101 Managing Training (4/20/2017) - Training records are not linked to the Federal ES237.  Training can be added to any member (youth and volunteer) or contact’s profile. Training is linked to the enrollment/program year.  The year will be reflected in the individual’s profile.
  • I-102 Signing Up for 4HOnline Training - Help sheet for volunteers/members. (9/25/18)
  • Trainings - Master list of trainings uploaded to 4HOnline with descriptions.(2/9/17)

Shooting Sport ("K" labeled Help Sheets)

Shooting Sports and Hunter Safety

  • Shooting Sports Forms - Adobe Webinar 05/11/16 (58 minutes)