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4-H Youth Development

Club Management System

Current manual, forms, letters, starting a club, chartering, risk management, etc.

Manual - CMS Manual 2018

Official guide for county educators regarding Oklahoma's Club Management System.

CMS Forms - CMS

Various forms, sample letters and certificates for club management system.

Charters: The Key to Official Recognition USDA/NIFA 2018

Charter - Starting a 4-H Club and/or changing a club name
Refer to the club management system manual for greater detail in chartering/starting, re-naming and managing a club.  Reference pages 38 - 39 Steps in Starting a Club and chapter 5 Starting a Club.
Charter - Renewing Club Charter
Process for renewing a club charter.
4-H On TRAC resources for county educators and volunteers.
Club Finances

4-H Membership Rules and Guidelines

Club Leader - Fall Orientation Meeting
All materials referenced in this presentation are on the 4-H website. Go to slide 30 for links. This presentation was developed under the guidance and as a project of the State Volunteer Board. Please use sections 1-5 (section 8 as necessary) to guide fall enrollment meetings conducted with club leaders. These sections are intended only as a review of the basics.
Club Resources
Tools and resources to assist in club management.
Risk Management Resources and Tools