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4-H Youth Development

Working With Minors Training

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Working with Minors Training

Handouts for County Training:

WWM Training (revised fall 2017) - This particular training is ONLY for New volunteers and those being Re-Certified. PPT and notes for County Educator Presentation at county level.


April 2018 Online 4-H Volunteer Working with Minors Training

Reminder: The Adult and Teen Volunteer WWM training are functioning in 4HOnline.  4HOnline Help Sheet I-102 “ Signing Up for Training” is available to provide to adult/teen volunteers. In September 2017, the revised WWM Training for Volunteers was posted here along with the revised information sheet 4-H.VOL.122 Working with Minors (2017) for conducting face-to-face training. Do not use any earlier version of the training.


Fall 2017, the office of Institutional Diversity approved a combined WWM and Title VII and IX training for returning volunteers only.  Volunteers will get ½ of each training every other year. (Not posted/available at this time)


  • Odd year, training includes ½ WWM and ½ Title IX content.  (2017-18,  2019-2020, 2021-2022, etc.)
  • Even year, the volunteer gets the other ½ of each training.(2018-2019, 2020-2021, 2022-2023, etc.)

A recording of each will be available through 4HOnline.

On a regular interval all volunteers will be re-screened/re-certified.  At that time, the veteran volunteer will complete both trainings in full, as if they were a new volunteer.

New volunteers and staff cannot use these merged sessions for their annual training.

The 4-H Youth Development WWM training for extension personnel will be uploaded to the OSU Talent site for annual training requirements.

Recorded Training and Quiz - independent study for volunteers.  Recordings will be through 4HOnline starting the fall of 2017.