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Innovate: Youth Leadership Summit

4-H Innovate Youth Summit - training for teens 8-12 grades. Workshops about Agricultural STEM and Computer Science (CS)



Registration is OPEN!

Innovate 2020 will be April 4, OSU Student Union, Stillwater, OK 

More Details to Come!!


Click here to Register for the 2020 Innovate: Youth Leadership Summit. Registrations are due March 1, 2020

2020 Innovate Youth Registration Form

If you participated in the 2019 Innovate program and are interested in teaching a workshop to the 2020 Innovate participants, click here. Workshop applications are due February 15, 2020

2020 Youth Led Workshop/Booth Application form for Current Innovators

 Innovate 2020

Innovate is a new Youth Development program designed to teach youth life skills and introduce them to career opportunities in Agriculture, Computers Science (CS) and education.

Through this project Teen age youth teach agriculture and CS workshops to other youth. If you have questions or want more information please email:

Objective: The purpose of this project is to train youth to teach other youth Ag STEM and CS workshops. Participating youth will be able to attend multiple workshops and select which workshops they wish to attend. Youth can attend all Ag, all CS or a mix of workshops.

Adult Partners: 4-H is based on youth working with Adult partners who help them succeed. This project requires all attending youth to have an adult partner to help them successfully participate in the program and return home to teach Innovate workshops. Adults may partner with multiple youth.

Innovate change in your 4-H program

Challenge yourself to learn new leadership skills, teach workshops in agriculture and computer science.
Learn how to present fun and exciting programs promoting 4-H, agriculture, and STEM to other youth.

Our Summit workshops will include replicable/repeatable lessons about Agriculture and Computer Science. The workshops selected are intended to be repeated by the participating teens to other youth.

All workshops taught by Innovate teens for 4-H must be grounded in pre-existing approved curriculum. The following curriculum was used in 2019 and is appropriate for continued use.

Agricultural Lessons:

Population trends project the world population will grow by two billion in the next 40 years, requiring a 70 percent increase in food production to feed the world. To meet this demand, the future generation of farmers, scientists and other professionals will need to be Ag innovators. These workshops will help you advocate for agriculture by teaching about the future of agriculture and the future resources needed to feed the world.

Ag in the Classroom (AITC) Workshops

Agricultural Innovator Experience Toolkit Workshops (You will need to create a Login for this website)

CS Pathways - Computer Science Lessons

The CS Pathway project teaches youth about the future of careers in coding. CS career opportunities are encompassing, involving all career fields. With a predicted 1.4 million CS job openings in 2020 and only 400,000 candidates, there is an imminent need to train youth in this field to support our future societal needs. These lessons will help you introduce the next generations' workforce to this exciting new field.

CS Pathways Workshops

Additional Workshop Curriculum Resources

4-H Science Programs for Club and School Enrichment

This website is a collection of STEM curriculum suited for 4-H programming.
Lessons available: Rocketry, Water, TechXcite, Youth Experience Science (Teen led lessons for younger youth),

Oklahoma 4-H STEM Curriculum


2019 Innovate Information

Innovators, please complete the following report form as you teach workshops. It is easier for all of us to track your progress and avoid any reporting mistakes if you report while it is fresh on you mind. Thank you! Dr. Sallee

2019  Pre-Evaluation

Expectations for Participants

We are challenging all participants to reach 100 contact hours through workshops they teach.
Contact hours are the number of youth taught multiplied by the number of hours taught. Teaching 10 youth for ten hours equals 100 contact hours, teaching 100 youth for one hour equals 100 contact hours, or teaching 10 different groups of 10 youth for and hour also equals 100 contact hours.

More Information for 2020 Innovate program will be coming soon!


The following counties have trained Innovators who are looking for locations to teach Agriculture and CS programming. If you are interested in finding an Innovator near you. Contact the participating County; County office (Directory) or email

Participating County 4-H Programs: Canadian, Ellis, Garfield, Grant, Hughes, Jackson, Lincoln, Mayes, Oklahoma (County), Payne, Pushmataha, Roger Mills, Seminole, Tulsa, Washita, Woods and Woodward Counties.

2019 National Youth Science Day - CS Leaders

The following opportunity is from National 4-H Council. You can win $1000 by teaching the NYSD experiment and impacting your community, see the following for details.

  • Oklahoma 4-H is using these same guidelines and offering an additional Three $500 prizesto the top three teen teams who reach the most youth in contact hours as incentive to participate in the CS Leaders program.
  • The $500 prizes will be deposited into your County 4-H program’s 4-H Foundation Account and can be used for future CS programming, travel, CS materials or kits. We will be using the following National guidelines as our State guidelines for the contest.
  • Register your team of two teens and an adult, participate in the training, receive your free kit and go out and reach more contact hours than anyone else. 
  • The Oklahoma prizes will be based on the reports received via the Innovators reporting link: 2019 Innovator Report Formthe workshops should be identified as anNYSD workshop. Only workshops taught during October will qualify.
  • Act fast registration is due August 1st!!

Registration Link:

2019 NYSD Teen CS Leaders "Game Changers"

We invite 4-H CS Pathway teens to register for a free National Youth Science Day (NYSD) kit! We encourage teams of at least two teens and an adult adviser to receive training, plan, and host their own NYSD events in their community in the month October. In exchange for free kits and training, teens will share report a brief report (with photos) of their events. 

The group who makes the biggest impact in their community will be awarded a $1000 grant to further their local CS program. Impact can be defined as the largest number of NYSD events implemented, total number of youths reached, or most innovative or creative partnerships. Registration must be complete by August 1st 2019. 

2019 NYSD CS Teen Leader Requirements

•             Teens in the 21 grantee states are eligible to participate. Must be 8th-12th grade.

•             Teens will register via a Google form on the CS Pathways website. 

•             Teens are required to attend at least one virtual training session. 

•             One NYSD kit will be sent to each registered teen, while supplies last. Kits will be sent by the end of August. 

•             We will require leader verification via email documentation for registration and submitted report. 

•             Teens must submit registration by August 1 and complete one training prior to Oct 1.

•             Activities counted between Oct 1-31. Reporting form completed no later than Friday, Nov 15. Winning team announced during CS Ed Week in December. 

Registration Link:

Act fast registration is due August 1st!!

2019 Zoom Meetings, April-July

We will be offering participants opportunities for follow up trainings via Zoom throughout April, June and July to help you work together and learn from one another in order to improve workshop quality.

2019 Rewards for Participants

We have discussed rewards for good workshops and good outreach. As a reward, we have partial support for the 2019-2020 National Youth Summit Series (, We have funding to support registration fees only for five youth and two registration fees along with partial travel expenses for two adult partners to the STEM Summit (Oct. 24-27) for our CS youth, and the same support will be provided for five youth and two adult partners for the Agri-Science Summit (Jan 9-12). Youth travel expenses to Washington, D.C. will be your responsibility.  Just like last summer, the participants will be expected to teach CS or AG workshops during the next Innovator Leadership Summit.

Let me know if you are interested in attending one of the National Summits ( so I can be aware of your interest, selection will be based on the Innovator Reports and County Educator recommendations.

2019 Promotional Flyer