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4-H Youth Development

Trent Gibbs, State Reporter

Your 2017-2018 Oklahoma 4-H State Reporter is Trent Gibbs of Stephens County. He devotes his time to his two project areas: Science & Technology and Performing Arts.

Gibbs was one of the founding members of the 4-H Music Corps. One of his most treasured 4-H memories his work with the group.

“Mike Carter, Pittsburg County Educator, and I put together the first video release for 4-H Music Corps” said Gibbs. “We met at this extension office in McAlester one Friday evening and worked late into the night. It might not seem like much, but that experience to me really meant a lot.”

Gibbs combines both of his project areas by filming and producing promotional videos for 4-H events. He believes it is his job to educate youth about the largely untapped potential in media.

“My personal goal for my office,” Gibbs said, “and the Communications Committee is to show the public how 4-H’ers are leading/serving in their communities, and to give a voice to 4-H’ers.”

Gibbs added that he is a left handed professing Christian whom loves 4-H and Owl City.