4-H Youth Development

Project Changes

Materials to assist 4-H members, volunteers, parents and county educators in the transition to new projects/products in the area of Apparel Design and Construction, Housing Design and Construction and Hobbies/Textiles Design and Construction.
2015 Design and Construction Project Comparison Sheet
This sheet was developed to assist in matching "previous" projects with the "new" projects. The majority of "older" projects can be found in one of the three new areas of ADC, HDC or HTDC. Some project no longer exist and are noted by a strikethrough. Some project have been moved to a more appropriate category - i.e. curtains will now be found in Housing Design and Construction, not in Apparel.
Questions and Answers on F & F Changes.pdf
Skill Mastery Sheets
The sheet is to be completed by the 4-H member as a means for determining “Progress toward Self-Determined Goals. It is not intended as a “Competitive” evaluation form. 4-H members use this sheet as a personal tool for setting and recording goals - “Things I want to learn.” “Things I learned.” The mastery sheet has been designed as a guide for the “basics” to be learned in project development. Some youth will go beyond the basics for their level and others will have to visit a prior level to gain skills necessary for doing project work at their age level.
Project Guide Sheets - 2014
A variety of guide sheets have been developed to assist 4-H members with new project/products introduced.
Sample Technique Cards
Sample Technique Cards were once referred to as Sample Notebook Cards. The cards have been revised.