4-H Youth Development

Recycle and Redesign

Recycling, refurbishing and redesign brings together concepts of design and construction in apparel, interiors, hobbies and textiles. 4-H members are encouraged to recycle an old fashion, home interior item, textile or other product into a new end product. The finished product might be the creation of a brand new item or embellishing an old.
ADC_Frugal Fashion
The purpose for this project/product is for youth to demonstrate their ability to be a thrifty consumer. A thrifty consumer considers the quality of the product and the value of a dollar.
Recycling Your Clothes and Fabric T-1801
There are a variety of options for recycling unwanted, but still usable clothing and fabrics. Resale, donation, and reuse of clothing are already well-established practices in many Oklahoma communities.
Recycled Household Textiles and Clothing T-4318
When Oklahomans recycle their unwanted clothing and textiles, it provides three main benefits: funds charitable programs, reduces solid waste, and provides economic stimulus and employment.