4-H Youth Development

Scientific Discovery

Projects and guides for applying Science to the design and construction projects.
IDC Creative Component Scientific Discovery
The purpose for this creative component is for youth to learn and apply the scientific method to an experiment focused in Interior Design and Construction. The same concept can be used by any age with any Design and Construction area and reported in the portfolio.
A Quilt - integating science, technology, engineering, math and language arts - Utah CES
Clothing and textiles-related projects reinforce science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) standards required for high school graduation.
Plants and Textiles - Cornell 4-H
What do mats, rope, indigo, paper, and nets all have in common? All are related to textiles and all are made from plants, of course! This project focuses on past and present technologies that convert plant materials into fibrous products. If you are wearing blue jeans, you likely are wearing indigo – a time-honored plant dye. You can still purchase handmade paper, even though most of today’s paper comes from large mills. Rope, nets, and mats, once made by hand from plants, are now manufactured in factories using a variety of raw materials.