4-H Youth Development


Service-learning is more than "citizenship." Citizenship is only one piece of the total learning experience. Service-Learning intentionally integrates and emphasizes both service and learning. Youth engaged in service-learning not only provide direct service to the community, but also learn and grow in their knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Effective service-learning has benefits for young people, sponsoring organizations, communities, and society.
IDC Creative Component Service Learning
Service-learning connects meaningful community service with academic learning, personal growth and civic responsibility. Service-learning is a much more involved experience than a community service activity or citizenship experience. It requires in-depth study to plan and initiate appropriate action to tackle important issues and ultimately to make a real difference in the life of an individual(s) and in the community. The feature that distinguishes service-learning from volunteering or community service is that both learning and service are intentionally emphasized.
Service-Learning in Community-Based Organization - Search Institute
Guide for learning about and implementing service-learning project with a 4-H club.
Service Learning Action Plan (SLAP) guide
This guide will assist the club/committee, youth and adults in developing life skills in planning and conducting leadership and citizenship projects.