4-H Youth Development

Food Science

Family & Consumer Science
  • My Plate - curriculm for all ages.  (2015)

MyPlate materials that are developed specifically for kids and their parents/caregivers. We also offer evidenced-based curricula that educators can use to integrate MyPlate lessons into core educational subjects, such as Math, English Language Arts, and Science.

Put It Up! Food Preservation for Youth curriculum is a series of lessons that guide youth to explore and understand the science of safe food preservation.  The hands-on food preservation activities are designed for middle school ages; however, we have found in pilot testing that they are appropriate for 4th- to 12th-graders depending on prior experience with food preparation and sciences.  

The curriculum package contains a leader's guide and a series of lessons covering six different food preservation methods: boiling water canning, making jam, pickling, freezing, drying, and pressure canning. Each method is divided into a beginning hands-on activity and an advanced hands-on activity. Activities may stand alone or be sequenced for cumulative learning. In addition to step-by-step procedures, reflection questions, and ideas for experimentation, each method also includes additional activities: a science-based fill-in-the blank challenge, a history-based word search, a glossary, a resource list, a knowledge test, and more.