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4-H Youth Development


State Conference(s) for 4-H Volunteerism

State 4-H Parent-Volunteer Conference - June 23, 2018

The PVC will be held in Stillwater in the Classroom Building just north of the Student Union on the OSU campus (Map). See map for parking below.

2018 Conference Registration Cost

2018 Objectives will UNITE Volunteers, Parents and Educators in Positive Youth Development


Understand – Understanding your role in positive youth development


Nourish –Physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially nourish yourself and the youth and families we serve through the 4-H experience.


Ignite – Light a spark of enthusiasm for the 4-H experience.


Teach – Volunteers “Learning to Learn” and then passing the life skill along to 4-H member.


Empower – Growing leaders…learning how to encourage, share and nurture leadership in a club, project group or committee.

Workshop Application - Accepting proposals. Application due on or before March 2, 2018. PDF MS Word



Southern Region Conference for 4-H Volunteerism

September 27- September 30, 2018, Rock Eagle 4-H Center, Eatonton, Georgia

From Sea to Shining Sea

Join volunteers from across the southern region as we host a national 4-H volunteer conference. The program kicks off Thursday, September 27 and closes with breakfast Sunday, September 30. This year's conference includes workshops and speakers in creative arts, health & better living, kids in the kitchen, plants & gardens, technology, science, teaching & learning and personal development.

Dr. Doug Steele, Keynote Speaker

Dr. Doug Steele, Director of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension program since 2012, connects with volunteers and staff with an understanding of positive youth development. Having worked as Vice President for External Relations and Director of Extension for Montana State University, Assistant Director and State 4-H Program Leader at Colorado State University, specialist for Volunteerism and Leadership at Purdue University and 4-H Specialist at Texas A&M, Dr. Steele's experience brings understanding and passion to the work of volunteers. Dr. Steele kickoff the conference setting the stage for the connections of the event.

Visit the Conference Website. Stay connected with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds.

Workshop Proposals are Open

We need your creative, exciting, fun, energetic, ideas for the conference! Consider submitting a session proposal and be engaged sharing your ideas and success. Volunteers from every area of 4-H youth development participate in the conference. Workshops will center in many areas and we are looking for workshops that are content areas as well as teaching and learning and personal development. For full consideration, please complete your submissions before March 1st. And don't forget to check out the proposal guide for tips on presenting a strong submission.

Submissions may be submitted online or through the website.

WHY - The 4-H Volunteer Conference of Southern States is designed to engage 4-H volunteers an d staff across the southern region, in contemporary educational opportunities, that will impact, enhance and foster quality, excellence and achievement in the essential elements of youth development programming.

MISSION - The mission of the conference is to provide experiential educational opportunities to 4-H volunteers and staff across the southern region. It is designed to improve the quality of 4-H programming in their own activities, projects, clubs and communities.