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4-H Youth Development

Encouraging Project Work in our Members

Encouraging Project Work in our Members

  • Project Work - The work completed by individual 4-H members
  • Goal Setting
  • Project Group - Small groups of youth focused on one particular project lead by a Project Leader.
  • 4-H Curriculum - 4-H curriculum should always be the first source of information in developing a project. The curriculum has been designed with age appropriate information and focus on the skills and knowledge a member should attain at any one particular stage in their 4-H project work. Youth are encouraged to excel and branch out into other areas through project exploration. If Oklahoma 4-H doesn't have what you need check out other state 4-H websites.

    Fair book - Oklahoma has traditionally recognized the county fair as the end of the project year. The fair is an opportunity for the 4-H’er to exhibit their mastery of skills and knowledge gained from practical application and practice in their project area throughout the 4-H year. A fair project should be special, unique and demonstrate the proficiency of the child's age and development. The fair book is only a resource and should not be the sole guide for project work. The exhibits are only a small number of possible experiences the 4-H member can encounter in their project development.

  • Record Keeping - coming soon


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