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4-H Youth Development

4-H Science Night at the Museum (Bright Nights)

The following information is for 2018. Updated information and registration form will be posted soon. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.




Save the Date: February 16-17, 2018

Registration Due: February 1, 2018

Price: $45 for kids 5 and up,  $30 per adult. Please make checks payable to 4-H Conferences

Theme: Star Wars

Example Activities:

Dress as your favorite Jedi Knight and jump to hyperspace as you head to a galaxy far, far away.

Begin your Jedi training at Science Museum Oklahoma, you must. Padawans young and old are welcome at this exciting evening of Star Wars science, just in time for the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi! Join us as we explore the forces of our world and of the Star Wars universe.


1. Cryogenics: the effects of extreme cold on organic materials

2. Robotics Challenge

3. Build a miniature lightsaber

4. Mini Land Speeder (Engineering Challenge)

5. Parachutes and Gliders

6. Use the Force (of static electricity)

Yoda! May the Forces be with you!

Includes the new exhibit CurioCity, Planetarium, Science Live show, Science Activity Tables and fun filled evening exploring the Science Museum.

Who can attend?
Everyone! the science museum program is perfect for 8-12 year old youth, but every age seems to enjoy the evening. Since this is a non-competitive event, feel free to bring younger or older youth, brothers, sisters, cousins, even those really big kids (parents and chaperones) to enjoy an evening filled with science and fun.Families are always welcome to participate.

Each county/club/family group is responsible for the youth that attend with them. We do not provide chaperones.