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4-H Youth Development

4-H Rocketry

4-H and NASA have partnered for the 2014 National Youth Science Day

The following materials have been developed to help you plan and implement your NYSD launch of Paper Rockets

  • Okl4H / NASA 4H Rockets to the Rescue NYSD Power Point training with video explanations
  • Foam Rocket Activity
  • Achievement Award
  • Launch Altitude tracker
  • Pop Rockets Activity
  • Pop Rockets Launcher Activity
  • Fins Template

  • National Youth Science Day Archive Webpage
  • The Great Rocket Car challenge with PVC pressured launcher instructions (Do not exceed 40 PSI)
  • Videos to include in your program

    NYSD Rockets to the Rescue Video

    Apollo 13 Launch (ignore the subtitles)

    October Sky - Why do the Math

    2-Liter Bottle Rockets

    Use recycled two liter bottles or water bottles to build and launch water rockets. This resource is available with rocket launcher and air compressor (if needed.) Kids really enjoy this fun activity. You can use it as a fun camp experience or you can really dig into it and teach the laws of physics and motions. Either way, it is a terrific opportunity to introduce youth to science.

    Rockets Away for Hydro-rockets

    CAUTION: Do not over inflate rockets, 75 psi maximum for 2 liter bottles! Rockets should not be launched multiple times.

    NASA Educator Guide – Rockets (Available for Check out)

    Redneck Rocketry Lesson Plan

  • Keys to Successful Rocket building
  • Launch Data
  • Laws of Motion Lesson Plan
  • Newtons Laws of Motion
  • Red Neck Laws of Motion
  • Red Neck Rocket Science Lesson Plans
  • Rocket Competition Rules
  • Water rocket Safety
  • Out of this World Rocketry Lesson Plans

  • Lesson 1- Newton's Laws
  • Lesson 2 - Movement of Rockets
  • Lesson 3 - History of Rocketry
  • History of Rocketry Power-point
  • Lesson 4 - Paper Rockets Lesson
  • 5 - Rocket Stability
  • Lesson 6 - Constructing Clinometers (Altitude Tracker)
  • Lesson 7 - Launch Day Rockets Away for Hydro-rockets
  • Supplemental Material

  • All About Water Rockets (NASA)
  • Rockets Away Website (Ohio 4-H)
  • Adventures in Rocket Science Educator Guide(NASA)
  • Beginner's Guide to Rockets (NASA)
  • National Association of Rocketry











    For more information contact:

    Jeff Sallee Ph.D.
    Associate Professor and Extension Specialist
    4-H Youth Development
    Oklahoma State University