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4-H Youth Development

Hydropower - Curriculum


The link provides a lesson plan for two 50-minute class periods consisting of an introduction of several commonly used alternative power sources. This exercise is designed for an in-depth conversation and analysis of hydropower. The exercise will include demonstration and give an examination and experiments for hydro-electric power generation. The introductory lesson and video on conventional energy sources would best introduce this lesson.  Knowledge from this lesson could be consolidated into the discussions.

The link above is a teacher's guide how to apply a hands-on curriculum and experiments, program for students to grasp. Divided into categories to allow students to master and understand the water cycle. To then study the physics of moving water; and how it can be harnessed to produce electricity. Additionally, students will learn the environmental repercussions of harnessing this energy, while comparing the benefits and negatives of each source.

Colorado State University Extension has created a program with the expertise University expertise to Colorado communities and neighborhoods throughout local extension office. With the states need to concentrate on reliable electricity sources as a possible job producer proficient enough to address both state and national security as well as environmental concerns. Colorado State  Extension made an important arrangement to present relevant and impartial scholarly sources. The curriculum describes attempts to separate energy knowledge to Colorado’s children.