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4-H Youth Development

National Youth Science Day

4-H National Youth Science Day

4-H National Youth Science Day (NYSD) is an exciting, interactive learning experience that engages thousands of youth across the country in conducting the National Science Experiment.

Each year a new and exciting experiment is developed to engage youth across the nation in a fun and interactive Science Activity

These experiments a easy to teach. Past experiments are archived to use by 4-H Volunteers and professionals. Click on the following link. Each experiment includes a "How to Video."

The 4-H NYSD events take place annually during the first week in October.

Motion Mommotion

Experiment Archives:


Why 4-H National Youth Science Day?

STEM is the wave of the future. Experts credit technological innovation with almost half of U.S. economic growth over the past 50 years, and nearly all of the 30 fastest-growing occupations in the next decade will require at least some background in STEM.

But, America is falling behind. Today, the United States ranks 27th among developed nations with college students receiving science or engineering degrees. Only one percent of fourth-graders, two percent of eighth-graders and one percent of high school seniors are deemed “advanced” in science. Only 45 percent of U.S. high school graduates in 2011 were ready for college work in math and 30 percent were ready in science.


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