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Science Kits

4H - Science Kits For Club and School Enrichment

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4-H Hydro-Rockets

Use recycled two liter bottles or water bottles to build and launch water rockets. This resource is available with rocket launcher and air compressor (if needed.) Kids really enjoy this fun activity. You can use it as a fun camp experience or you can really dig into it and teach the laws of physics and motions. Either way, it is a terrific opportunity to introduce youth to science.

CAUTION: Do not over inflate rockets, 75 psi maximum for 2 liter bottles! Rockets should not be launched multiple times.

NASA Educator Guide – Rockets (Available for Check out)

Oklahoma 4-H Rocketry Lessons

Redneck Rocketry

National Association of Rocketry

Wonderwise Science Kits


We have a complete set of these materials in the State 4-H Office Available for Check out. These lessons are very user friendly. They come with short videos and easy to use fun, hands-on lessons. We have all the materials you need available for your use. Many of these kits are also in your district office and County Extension offices around the state.

Plus there is this bonus feature….

Lego Robotics Kits

Lego Robotics kits are available for check out through the State 4-H Office. Users will need computers or laptops to use these kits. Training is available during the summer through the 4-H STEM Institute. National 4-H offers the Junkdrawer Robotics curriculum that can accompany these sets.

Curriculum (Available for Check out)

4-H Robotics

Junkdrawer Robotics

For Competition

First Lego League

Oklahoma County 4-H Ninja Monkeys pictured with OSU President Burns Hargis and their FRC Robot

POW – Power of Wind

The Power of Wind Kits have all the materials and information you need to teach this exciting experiment to a group of up to 20 4-H members. Your students will spend hours designing and resigning their wind generators trying to increase their energy output. The POW kit contains KID Power of Wind kits, these kits are easy to assemble and redesign, all you need to do is make the blades, Voltmeters, and fans if needed. This lesson focuses on the Engineering Design process. Curriculum (Available for Check out)\

Power of Wind Video Guides

  • The Power of Wind
  • Wind Energy
  • Wired for Wind Experiment Demo
  • Wind for Schools Inquiry

Into the Wind Videos


GPS Units

Our GPS units are getting a little old but have proven to be very affective for teaching spatial thinking, geography, and plain ol’ Geocaching ( Review the following link for a wealth of lessons and ideas on using these units.

For Lessons and Activities

4-H Curriculum (Available for Check out)

Geospatial – Exploring Spaces, Going Places CD

Digital Media

Photography and Videography

We have a set of 10 Flipcams and a set of 8 Digital Cameras for counties to use to teach photography and videography. There is also 3 more advanced media kits for the counties wishing to develop a digital media project raising awareness about a community issue. Our past videos are located under the Adobe Youth Voices Videos on Oklahoma 4-H’s YouTube channel

Our past digital media projects can be found at:

Curriculum (Available for Check out)

3,2,1 Action! Videography Guide

4-H Filmmaking Studio

4-H Photo Kids Project books

Adobe Youth Voices Guide- Create with Purpose (see doc in folder to link)

Adobe Photoshop/Premiere Elements Tutorials

4-H20 – Water Quality and Conservation Kits

Oklahoma 4-H has been teaching water conservation and water quality for many years. Our longest running curriculum is known as Oklahoma Aqua Times we have a couple of different kits that can be used to teach these topics.

The 4-H2O kit contains all the materials and equipment needed to teach the Aqua Times lessons

The Water Quality kits contain all the materials and equipment needed to go to a stream side and measure the water quality. Plus, we have kick nets, seechi discs, stand magnifiers, and other sampling equipment available.


Oklahoma Aqua Times

There’s No New Water

The 40 Gallon Challenge

All of these programs are about conserving and protecting our water. The 40 Gallon Challenge puts those concepts into action by challenging youth and families to conserve 40 gallon of water at day. The 4-H2O lessons Rain Roulette and Dirty Dishes help youth understand the value of water conservation. Talk the 40 Gallon Challenge today!

Youth Experiences in Science Project (YES)

The YES curriculum is a series of activities that are interesting and offer younger students a chance to experiment with science content, such as snails, bubbles, kitchen science, worms, recycling and energy. The program is designed to support teenaged 4-H participants who serve as instructional leaders working with instructors to lead younger students through the activities. The YES materials are for younger members and cloverbuds. This is an excellent curriculum to be taught by teen leaders.

We have one kit with all the materials and equipment you need to teach these terrific lessons.


  • Recruitment
  • Snails
  • Bubbles
  • Collections
  • Kitchen Science
  • Worms
  • Recycling
  • Energy

For more information:

Curriculum (Available for Check Out)

The materials are a thick notebook full of science lessons and activities. These materials can be purchased from the University of California- Ag and Natural Resources or there is a copy in the state 4-H office for check out.

TechXcite Engineering Curriculum and Materials

TechXite provides activities across a wide range of technologies in order to offer opportunities for middle school students to explore aspects of engineering that are most exciting to them. Modules include topics of biomedtech, wireless communication, and solar energy. Future topics are expected in architecture, digital imaging, gis/gps, and transportation.

Curriculum is available online This link will take you to the complete curriculum along with video explanations.

Oklahoma 4-H is in the process of developing these kits for checkout and evaluation

Modules Include:

  • Bionic Arm
  • Solar Oven
  • Wireless Burglar Alarm
  • Solar Car
  • Bio-imaging
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • TV Remote Control
  • Quest for Speed

Hot Air Balloon Kit

Build and Launch a Hot Air Balloon, learn about thermodynamics, wind currents and weather. Not to mention having a exceptionally fun activity your members will talk about for years.

Oklahoma’s 4-H Hot Air Balloon Kit

Hot Air Balloon Instructions

Paper for Hot Air Balloons

NYSD Experiments

Each year Oklahoma 4-H offers the National Youth Science Experiment kits. We have collected several sets of this material. They are available for check out.

2011: Wired for Wind

The 2011 National Science Experiment, Wired for Wind, explores how to engineer renewable energy technologies, and the positive impact that they can have in communities across the country and the world. Developed by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension program, this experiment engages young people in design, build out and testing of two different wind turbine models.

2010: 4-H2O

The 2010 National Science Experiment – 4-H20 – is designed to engage youth around the country in asking the question: Why is water quality important and why is it important to understand it now? In this experiment, youth will participate in a live demonstration of how carbon dioxide builds up in the atmosphere.

4-H NYSD 2010: 4-H2O How-To Video

2009: Biofuel Blast

Renewable energy sources like biofuels are constantly making headlines in the news today. This experiment explores the production of the biofuel ethanol. It is typically made in the US by converting the starches from corn kernels into the sugars in corn syrup, and then adding yeast to break down the sugars, which releases carbon dioxide and ethanol as byproducts. The ethanol is blended with gasoline and then sold at some gas stations. There you might see a sign at the pump that says “E10,” which means 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent gasoline.

2008: Helpful Hydrogels

Water is everywhere - in the sky, in the ground, and in our homes. However, caring for this vital resource is often a challenge for each of us. Conservation means using water wisely. In the 2008 National Science Experiment, youth explore a new superabsorbent polymer - called hydrogels - that can help with water conservation...right in our own backyards.

Wii Fit Educational Kits

The State 4-H Office has two Wii sets with Wii Fit Materials that can be used as part of a Healthy Living educational program with the following curriculum.

Up for the Challenge: Lifetime Fitness, Healthy Decisions

"Up for the Challenge" is a fitness, nutrition and health curriculum for school-aged, middle school and teen youth. It was written for military afterschool programs but is easily adaptable to any afterschool or 4-H club setting. The 290-page curriculum is divided into five chapters with each chapter containing multiple lessons in physical activity, nutrition and healthy decision making. Lessons range in scope and length from 30-60 minute nutrition and/or physical activities to a multi-week wellness event. Each lesson provides expected youth outcomes, instructor essential information, preparation instructions, supplies, lesson time, handouts and opportunities for reflection.

Curriculum (Available for Check Out)

Up for the Challenge: Lifetime Fitness, Healthy Decisions

Kite Aerial Photography

Kit contains everything you need; 3 different kite sizes, camera, camera rig, and lots of kite string!

Remote Sensing with Kites

Coming Soon!

Agri-Science – Online Biotech Lessons (Kit is coming Soon)



Project Butterfly WINGS – Winning Investigative Network for Great Science (Kit is coming Soon)

Curriculum, Resources, and Videos

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