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4-H Youth Development

Solar Energy - Curriculum


Provided above is a guide designed to introduce your classroom to renewable energy and its various technologies and political and economic circumstances required for their implementation. This PDF includes classroom activities, detailed directions, and a list of project recommendations, concepts for classroom-led learning, action campaigns, which also includes a compilation of sources for additional research.

The site includes exercises that are multidisciplinary, investigatory, and fun in nature. These projects highlight group work and collaborative learning and thinking. Projects and exercises listed can be prepared independently or together. The curriculum suggests that instructors prepare them in the context of a complete section based on electricity and energy-related environmental concerns.

The link above is to The NEED Project that is in collaboration with the Teacher Advisory Board (TAB) to produce a renewable energy curriculum.  The project is to create and promote an energy conscious and educated society.  The NEED Project has created effective networks of learners, educators, industry, and government.

Colorado State University Extension has created a program with the expertise University expertise to Colorado communities and neighborhoods throughout local extension office. With the states need to concentrate on reliable electricity sources as a possible job producer proficient enough to address both state and national security as well as environmental concerns. Colorado State  Extension made an important arrangement to present relevant and impartial scholarly sources. The curriculum describes attempts to separate energy knowledge to Colorado’s children.