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4-H Youth Development

Youth Experiences in Science Project

The YES curriculum is a series of activities that are interesting and offer younger students a chance to experiment with science content, such as snails, bubbles, kitchen science, worms, recycling and energy. The program is designed to support teenaged 4-H participants who serve as instructional leaders working with instructors to lead younger students through the activities. The YES materials are for younger members and cloverbuds. This is an excellent curriculum to be taught by teen leaders.

We have one kit with all the materials and equipment you need to teach these terrific lessons.


  • Recruitment
  • Snails
  • Bubbles
  • Collections
  • Kitchen Science
  • Worms
  • Recycling
  • Energy

For more information:

Curriculum (Available for Check Out)

This curriculum is a thick notebook full of science lessons and activities.

A YES notebook can be checked out through the State 4-H Office, contact: 405/744-8885 or email

Or, these materials can be purchased from the University of California- Ag and Natural Resources.