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In the state of Oklahoma geothermal energy has become the epicenter of ground source heat pump research and expansion. The International Ground Source Heat Pump Association which was formed in Oklahoma and remains housed on the campus of Oklahoma State University. Due to this fact, many Oklahoma residents are converting to alternative energy practices and establishing Geothermal practices before the rest of the states have joined the bandwagon!

Geothermal energy is one of the most critical energy resources for electricity production and is used directly for heating, food, agriculture, and aquaculture.Possible applications of geothermal energy for agricultural and agro-industry divisions are heating and cooling, space heating, pools and spas, greenhouses and nurseries, aquaculture, and manufacturing processes. Agricultural and agro-industrial practices form a very significant part of geothermal energy utilization. Four primary types of application of geothermal energy in agriculture can be distinguished as greenhouse heating; aquaculture (fish farming and algae production); ƒ agro-industrial processes; and soil heating (of open-field plant root systems).

If you dissect the word  “geothermal” its roots are from the Greek words Geo which means (earth) and thermal (heat); thus it refers to the heat of the earth.The most direct-use of geothermal energies depends on high-temperature ground water to heat buildings or to produce electricity. However, the direct-use of geothermal heating is limited to regions that have naturally occurring hot springs or can obtain high-temperature ground water in the 100 – 250°F range. This byproduct, water is suitable for spas, greenhouses, or building heating systems.