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Wind Energy



Environmental Benefits of Wind Energy in Oklahoma:
• 2015 annual water consumption savings: 3.6 billion gallons
• 2015 equivalent number of water bottles saved: 27 billion
• 2015 annual carbon dioxide emissions avoided: 6.9 million metric tons
• 2015 equivalent cars worth of emissions avoided: 1.5 million

The wind is a byproduct of solar energy. Winds are created by the irregular heating and pressures of the atmosphere by the sun and the anomalies of the earth's surface, and revolution of the planet. Wind current patterns are redirected by earth's bodies of water, terrain, and vegetative cover. This wind pattern can be "harvested" by modern wind turbines, and are used to generate electricity.

Commonly used terms to describe the collection of energy generated by mechanical power or electricity are  "wind energy" or "wind power."  Turbines transform kinetic energy from the wind into mechanical power. This energy can be utilized for particular tasks, or a generator can turn this energy into electricity for homes, businesses, and schools.