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Covid Camp

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COVID Camp: July 27-31

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Welcome Back Campers!


Welcome to week seven of Oklahoma 4-H STEMist Virtual Camps! This week we will learn about the new virus that has changed our everyday lives. Starting Monday, July 27th we will discuss the differences between viruses and bacteria! On Tuesday, July 28th get ready to understand exactly what the coronavirus is. While we also learn how to make your own soap, a vital ingredient to washing your hands to stay healthy. Then Wednesday, July 29th we will make and test your very own face coverings. Following on Thursday, July 30th help us practice and learn about social distancing guidelines. Then learn how to tell your own heart rate, temperature and make a low-cost stethoscope. Join us on Friday July 31st as we finish the week with guest speaker Pamila Stokes, MHCA, DNP, RN as we discuss going back to school, symptoms and more about coronavirus. Plus a creative snack, you don't want to miss out!


Each day of camp we will provide you with an activity sheet with clear instructions of exactly what to do each day! Be sure to click the link at the bottom of each activity sheet to find a Microsoft form to send in each day's activities/pictures. Also log on to and use the code provided at the bottom of the activity sheet to show us how your time outdoors went. Finally, remember that there will be 5 YouTube Videos to go along with each day of COVID-19 Camp! You will be able to find these on the Oklahoma 4-H YouTube page!


Accessibility to these activities and instructional videos will be available online. Camp lessons can be completed any time during the camp week. Both Flipgrid and Zoom are downloadable mobile applications. 


We will host a Zoom conference call at 2:00 p.m. CST Friday, July 31st regarding COVID-19 Camp. 


Feel free to contact us with any questions, email us at We look forward to learning with you this summer!


Aspen Evans, Chelsea Shelton and Sarah Harris


COVID Camp Schedule

July 27: A Microscopic Topic
Did you know that there is good and bad bacteria? Join us as we discuss the basics of bacteria with a fun activity showing how easily germs can spread. 
Supplies Day One: A Microscopic Topic
● How Bacteria Spread: glitter, water bottle, pencil
July 28: Let's Be Clean of COVID-19
As we learn more about the corona-virus let's maintain healthy lifestyles as we learn the importance of washing hands and learn to make your very own soap and hand sanitizer. 
 Supplies Day Two: Let's Be Clean of COVID-19
● Make Your Own Hand Sanitizer: empty soap airplane bottle (able to be purchased at
local convenience store), small mixing bowl, wooden stirring spoon, funnel, ⅔ cup of
rubbing alcohol, ⅓ cup aloe vera gel, 5-10 drops of your favorite essential oil (use
antibacterial oils if you can find them)
● Make Your Own Hand Soap: Foam Soap Dispenser (preferably glass), funnel, ¼ cup Castile
Soap, 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil (use antibacterial oils if possible)
July 29: Covering Check with Wearable Tech
Since face coverings are becoming more popular let's learn how to make your very own and even test how well your face covering works.

Suplies Day Three: Covering Check with Wearable Tech
● Sewing Face Covering: bandana, old tshirt, or square cotton cloth (cut approximately 20”
x 20”), two rubber bands or hair ties, and scissors.
● No Sewing Face Covering:Two 10 inch by 6 inch rectangles of cotton fabric, two 6 inch
pieces of elastic or rubber bands, string, cloth strips, hair ties, needle and thread, scissors,
sewing machine.
● candle and something to light it.
July 30: Vitals are Key to You and Me
Do you know how to check your pulse? Tune in July 30th to learn how! You will also get to make a low-cost stethoscope that will allow you to listen to your heart beat. 
Supplies Day Four: Vitals are Key for You and Me
● Low-Cost Stethoscope: Plastic tubing (2 feet, 7 1/16 inch outer diameter), medium
funnel, balloon, stopwatch, scissors, masking tape
July 31: Guest Speaker
Join us with special guest speaker Pamela Stokes as we discuss COVID-19. She is the Associate Directer at Oklahoma State University Health Services, a Registered Nurse, and liaison between Payne County Health Department and Oklahoma State Department of Health at Oklahoma State University. 
Supplies Day Five: Guest Speaker Pamela Stokes MHCA, DNP, RN
● Snack: Circle shaped food(cheese, orange, marshmallow) and pretzel sticks
*Search online if you need ideas to get started
Additional Notes:
● Answer questions using the Microsoft Forms and FlipGrid link located at the bottom of
the lesson handout.
● Share photos or videos of your experience at (optional)
July 31: Zoom Call at 2:00 PM