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Livestock Science

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Livestock Science: June 8-12


Fellow 4-Hers, 

Aspen, Chelsea and I are looking forward to kicking off the summer with our Livestock Science Camp. Featured in the Livestock Science Camp will be fun lessons regarding Livestock Nutrition, Water Quality, Livestock Digestion, determining Horse Body Condition Scores, and Dairy Science. 

Day 1 of the Livestock Science week will feature the Livestock Nutrition session- a program filled with a healthy food review, yummy treats and cute sheep! On the second day we will be learning about the pH of water and how it is crucial to the health of our animals. Day 3 will feature hands on activities replicating the Digestion process of ruminant and monogastric animals in a fun enzymatic breakdown activity. The fourth day of livestock camp will involve horseplay and math- a fascinating combination that will show you how equine and equations can be fun. The fifth and final day will entail an activity of ice cream making and learning about parts of the dairy industry. 

Each lesson includes an engaging activity and instructional video followed by questionnaires on both Flipgrid and Microsoft Office Forms. Watch the instructional videos, complete the activity sheets, and refer to both Flipgrid and Microsoft Office Forms each day, with exception to the Equine and Equations activity which will only have questions on Microsoft Office Forms. Website links to Microsoft Office Forms and Flipgrid, with the required access code into Flipgrid, will be featured at the bottom of all activity sheets. 

Accessibility to these activities and instructional videos will be available online. Both Flipgrid and Zoom are downloadable mobile applications. 

Feedback and lesson results can be submitted any time. We love hearing from you!

We will host a Livestock Science Camp Zoom conference call at 2:00 p.m. CST Friday, June 12. During the Zoom you have the opportunity to share your experiments, creations and experiences with a STEMist.

The meeting ID is 971 6378 5160 and the password is in your email. Get started here at 

Feel free to contact us with any questions! We look forward to working with you this summer,  email:

Aspen Evans, Chelsea Shelton and Sarah Harris

 Click HERE to download the Lesson Supply List

Livestock Science Schedule

June 8: Nutrition (Food for Thought/Food as Feed)
learn about balancing livestock feed rations and how livestock and human feed rations are actually fairly similar
Share your Food as Feed experience with us at 
June 9: Water Quality
This session will teach youth about the importance of water quality and water pH to the health of our livestock
Share your Water Quality results with us at 
June 10: Digestion
Campers will learn about mono-gastric and ruminant livestock digestion practices with an experiment modeling enzymatic breakdown in the digestive tract
Share your Livestock Digestion results with us at
June 11: Equine and Equations
This lesson makes math learning fun with equine and Body Condition Score equations
STEM Horse Camp
Download to View PowerPoint, open up the download file, and run the PowerPoint as a slideshow to hear audio and watch the slides 
June 12: Dairy Science (I Scream Ice Cream)
Campers will be able to make ice cream in this lesson regarding dairy sciences
Share your Dairy Science and Ice Cream results with us at
Join us for a Zoom meeting on June 12 to talk about your week at Livestock Camp. See your email for details.