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Mission to Mars

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Mission to Mars: June 17-20

Welcoming Video
Hello Space Cadets! 
Welcome to week two of Oklahoma 4-H STEMist Virtual Camps! This week your mission is to blast off to Mars with us. Starting Wednesday June17th we'll be kicking off Mission to Mars by constructing your own mars rover! On Thursday, June 18th get ready to blast off into space because we are learning about force and pressure by launching your very own balloon rockets! Have you ever wondered how astronauts grow their own food in space? Well get ready, because on Friday, June 19th you will be constructing your own space greenhouse. You will discover how monocot and dicot seeds produce food. Bring your creative mind and your appetite, because we will also make a yummy fruit rocket!  
Each day of camp we will provide you with an activity sheet with clear instructions of exactly what to do each day! Be sure to click the link at the bottom of each activity sheet to find a Microsoft form to fill out on each of the 3 activities. Also log on to and use the code provided at the bottom of the activity sheet to show us how your experiments went. Finally, remember that there will be 3 YouTube Videos to go along with each day of Mission to Mars! You will be able to find these on the Oklahoma 4-H YouTube page!
Accessibility to these activities and instructional videos will be available online. Camp lessons can be completed any time during the camp week. Both Flipgrid and Zoom are downloadable mobile applications.  
We will host a Zoom conference call at 2:00 p.m. CST Friday, June 19th to share results of the Mission to Mars Camp.  Participants will receive a special prize at the end of Mission to Mars camp.
Feel free to contact us with any questions, email us at We look forward to learning with you this summer! 
Aspen Evans, Chelsea Shelton and Sarah Harris
Access the Mission to Mars supply list HERE  

Mission to Mars Schedule

June 17: Cars on Mars
Discover what makes rovers travel across the surface of space. Harness the science of tension to power your very own Mars rover.
TechXcite K'nex Rubber Band Car Challenge (Module 3)
June 18: May the Force be with You
Learn how force helps to propel rockets into space with this interactive activity. You will discover how we utilize force every day, not just during space travel.
June 19: Cultivating the Red Planet
Learn how astronauts survive in space by growing their own food. You will build a greenhouse and discover which type of seed works best in your climate.
Suggested Supplies Needed: (Be creative and substitute for other items you have)
  • egg carton
  • plastic bottles
  • shoe box
  • milk carton
  • Plastic zip seal bags
  • paper rolls (paper towel type)
  • Potting soil or loose soil with organic material ( leaves, moss, etc.)
  • corn or bean seeds

June 19: Zoom Call At 2:00 PM - See your email for link and password. 
Email or with questions