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Are you ready to innovate change in your 4-H program? Oklahoma 4-H is excited to invite you to our fourth annual 4-H Innovate Youth Leadership Summit! Challenge yourself to learn new leadership skills to teach STEM related workshops in your local community.


Innovate Summit Event Info

  • Location: Springhill Suites 5815 KL Drive, Enid OK
  • Date: April 21-23, 2023
  • Cost: $100


Youth and adults can register for the 2023 Innovate Summit through their ZSuite account. Please note, the registration fee covers hotel accommodations for two nights, all meals on Saturday, breakfast on Sunday, and program materials. Registration fees need to be paid to your county Extension Office. The State 4-H Office will not be accepting personal checks.


Registration Deadline: Friday, March 31st by 5:00pm


Innovate Summit Information

For the last three years, Oklahoma 4-H has hosted the 4-H Innovate Youth Leadership Summit where teens from around the state come together to learn more about STEM. The Innovate Summit is a youth development program designed to teach youth life skills and introduce teens to career opportunities in agriculture, computer science, STEM, and education. Attending youth will be introduced to these opportunities through workshops and be challenged to go teach these workshops to younger 4-H members and other youth around the state. Over the past three years, Oklahoma 4-H has trained over 100 teens, from 21 counties, and taught over 150 workshops. In total, Innovators have reported reaching more than 6,000 youth through STEM programming.


This three-day summit is designed to challenge 4-H youth from 8th-12th grade, to learn and teach STEM programs to other youth in the state of Oklahoma. This year's Youth Innovate Leadership Summit will include a track system include three workshops that will relate to the track topic. During the summit attending youth will partake in three workshops where they will learn in-depth how to not only do the workshop successfully but also how to replicate and teach it to others. Please keep in mind that the track you pick, will be the topic you will be learning about for the duration of the summit.


The Summit will be followed up by three one hour Zoom meetings. These meetings will be a lesson-study process to help the teens collaborate to improve their teaching skills.


Project Goals:

  • Introduce 4-H youth to STEM
  • Train participants to teach STEM workshops to other youth
  • Challenge participants to return home and teach at least 200 contact hours of STEM programming
  • Train adult partners to assist teens in their STEM programming
  • Hold Lesson Study Zoom meetings following the training to form a Community of Practice among the teens to help them present their workshops
  • Have youth report workshop attendance and outcomes via Microsoft Forms to track their progress and document their activity
  • Evaluate the process

Along with training teens, we also strive to include adult partners. 4-H is based on youth working with adult partners who help them succeed. This project requires all attending youth to have an adult partner to help them successfully participate in the program and return home to teach Innovate workshops. Adults may partner with multiple youth.


Workshops to be Taught (Subject to Change)

  • Agri-science
  • Engineering
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