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4-H Youth Development

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Food, Fun, 4-H

Food, Fun, 4-H is a program offered by Oklahoma 4-H to build sustainable healthy habits for students, their families and communities. The program comes in two forms: school enrichment curriculum for teachers and classrooms and an at-home summer program for 4-H members and families.

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Food Science

MyPlate materials that are developed specifically for kids and their parents/caregivers. We also offer evidenced-based curricula that educators can use to integrate MyPlate lessons into core educational subjects, such as Math, English Language Arts, and Science. Materials are listed below:


Put It Up! Food Preservation for Youth curriculum is a series of lessons that guide youth to explore and understand the science of safe food preservation.  The hands-on food preservation activities are designed for middle school ages; however, we have found in pilot testing that they are appropriate for 4th- to 12th-graders depending on prior experience with food preparation and sciences. 


The curriculum package contains a leader's guide and a series of lessons covering six different food preservation methods: boiling water canning, making jam, pickling, freezing, drying, and pressure canning. Each method is divided into a beginning hands-on activity and an advanced hands-on activity. Activities may stand alone or be sequenced for cumulative learning. In addition to step-by-step procedures, reflection questions, and ideas for experimentation, each method also includes additional activities: a science-based fill-in-the blank challenge, a history-based word search, a glossary, a resource list, a knowledge test, and more. View the National Center for Home Food Preservation website for more resources.


4-H Food Showdown


Get Fit 4 Life

Get Fit 4 Life was developed for Oklahoma 4-H through the Wal-Mart Youth Voice: Youth Choice Grant. A variety of re-sources were used to create the content and activities, including a program from New Jersey called Get Moving Get Healthy.


The objectives of the Get Fit 4 Life curriculum are to:

  • Educate youth on MyPlate and components of a healthy diet.
  • Empower youth with skills to help them in eating a more healthy diet including reading labels, appropriate serving sizes, and how to identify sugars and fats in ingredient lists.
  • Motivate youth to exercise 60 minutes each day through ex-posing them to a variety of activities that promote physical fitness.


Weekly Healthy Habits

Weekly Healthy Habits will get 4-Hers active and involved with every day activities. Learn how to make tasty snacks, learn how to make self-care products, learn new things on how to make yourself better, and get your family involved as well.




Hobbies and Collectables

Smithsonian Museum Conservation Institute collect objects of art, history and science to exhibit them, study them and, equally important, preserve them as well as possible for the future. Taking good care of the collections takes a lot of effort and resources. But often, these objects have come to us through the ages, and we have an obligation to ensure that future generations will also have an opportunity to study and enjoy them, just as we do now.


The National Parks System produces a reference guide Museum Handbook on how to manage, preserve, document, access and use museum collections. Lessons for teachers/volunteers.


Job Readiness

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