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Oklahoma is a state that is geologically diverse and interesting. From the lava-covered mesas at the western tip of the panhandle to the Ouachita Mountains in southeastern corner of the state, the various landscapes make our state a unique place to live. The flatness or hilliness of our own backyard, neighborhood park or family farm are all related to geology. 


Geology plays a major role in many important aspects of our lives. From the fuels we use for transportation, farming, industry or heat, to the water we need for drinking and irrigation or the soils that sustain our agricultural industry, geologic resources are critical to our existence.


The geology of Oklahoma is important to our economy. Oklahoma is a leading producer of natural gas and oil. Thousands of Oklahomans rely on the petroleum business for their livelihood. All citizens of our state benefit indirectly by the contributions that oil and natural gas companies and their employees make to education and the arts. 


The soils that provide the foundation of Oklahoma’s rich agriculture industry are related to the underlying bedrock. Our scenic resources are the result of the interaction of climate and geology over time. The rich rock resources of Oklahoma are mined or quarried to make building stone, cement, monuments and construction material. 


The purpose of the 4-H geology project is to increase our understanding of the natural world in which we live. Through learning, we begin to appreciate the importance of this science and the enjoyment it can provide.


Geology Resources

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