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STEM Challenge

Mission to Mars Kits and Resources


Mission to Mars Curriculum Videos

The following videos are intended to help you facilitate or conduct the 2021 STEM Challenge: Mission to Mars. The first video is the complete online training we offered to educators and volunteers. The following four videos illustrate each activity and may provide all the information you need. 


Please notice the additional links to NASA informational videos relating to the STEM challenge topics.


A Microsoft Form for facilitators to fill out after they complete the activities.


This is a terrific Opening Video to start off your Mission to Mars Activity.NASA Artemis Overview Video


 Mars Base Camp Activity 1

Additional Educational Video(s):  How we are going to the Moon to Stay


Red Planet Odyssey Activity 2

Additional Educational Video(s):

NASA: Intro to Engineering for Kids

NASA Perseverance Rover Mission Overview


Crop Curiosity Activity 3


Insight from Mars Activity 4


This video also takes you through the Insight activity with more detail


ZOOM: Mission to Mars Training 

This is a 2 hour training covering the complete Mission to Mars activity. Please use this as support information for the following videos. Watch what you need and fast forward. 

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