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STEM Virtual Learning Labs

The 2022 STEMist's are excited to introduce you to the STEM Virtual Learning Lab! These Learning Labs will be pre-recoded videos that will and posted on the Oklahoma 4-H website during the first week of August. These labs will feature a variety of hand-on STEM activities youth can do from the comfort of their home.


Youth who register by July 15th, will receive a box filled with all supplies needed to complete the Learning Lab activities. Youth must register to receive supplies and will only receive the supplies for the labs they register for. Couldn’t register? No worries, members can still participate in the labs, but will have to provide their own materials.


Greenhouse Gases

Ever wanted to eat air? With this activity youth can! By putting together fun edible molecule models. In this activity youth will learn about atoms and molecules, along with creating edible greenhouse gas models. Through this activity they will gain knowledge over these gases impact on the atmosphere.


Polymers - Cup Wars

How tough is your cup? In this activity youth will test different plastic cups by heating them with a hair dryer to test and explore the properties and durability of different plastics. As well as learning about polymers and exploring how materials and their properties influence their function or purpose.



Ever want to turn corn to plastic? Well with this fun activity you can make bio-plastic in your own home! With this activity youth will learn about bio-plastics and the importance of renewable resources, as well as bring awareness to scientific and engineering solutions to reduce our impact on the environment.


El Niño

Did you know El Niño means more than just “Little Boy” or “Christ Child”? It refers to an odd weather phenomenon that occurs every few years bringing warm water, and weather off the Pacific coast of the Americas caused by a change in the jet stream. In this activity youth will simulate this event using water, dye, and man-made wind.

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