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National 4-H Conference is a future-focused program that aims to build strong leaders through roundtable discussions, town hall meetings, group assemblies, and visits with national legislators. Being selected to represent our state at this conference is one of Oklahoma 4-H’s highest honors.


The unique environment of the program allows delegates to engage with national 4-H leadership and to learn how to better youth-adult partnerships. The program reinforces the ties 4-H has to the Cooperative Extension Service and the land-grant university systems that make 4-H possible. Roundtable discussions generate ideas for club and community improvement and students are encouraged to implement these ideas in their home states. Through the roundtable process, students also build valuable leadership skills including team-building, flexibility, and communications. On “Capitol Hill Day”, delegates have the opportunity to become more familiar with the national government by meeting with the Secretary of Agriculture and Oklahoma’s own Senators and Representatives to discuss prominent issues the students see in their home states and communities.


  • Through an application process, Three to four Oklahoma 4-H delegates will be selected to attend National 4-H Conference.
  • Applications are due December 1 of the current year to the Applicants District 4-H office
  • Applicants must be 16 years old as of January 1, year of the trip.
  • This trip is an award (based upon your application and support letters)
  • Oklahoma 4-H will cover almost all expenses for the trip.
  • Delegates are responsible for:
    • $250 Registration fee (Oklahoma 4-H and the OK 4-H Foundation will cover the remaining $1,100)
    • Transportation to and from the airport,
    • Meals on travel days to and from Washington D.C.
    • Lunch on Capitol Hill Day.

Upon returning from National Conference, each member of the National Conference Team will complete a service project by June the following year. Service Projects will be a part of Oklahoma’s back home plan and may be either a group or individual program depending upon the strengths and ideas of the youth-adult team that participates.


The service project is the delegate’s opportunity to demonstrate their leadership skills and develop a program that initiates community change.




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