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4-H Science Night

Experience what it’s like to be a real-life detective or forensic scientist as we lift fingerprints, extract DNA, interrogate suspects, and much more! The science of solving crimes awaits you at this year’s 4-H Night at the Science Museum. Pack your magnifying glass and your badge because we have a case to crack!


4-H’ers can sleep under a giant dinosaur, by a rocket engine or in an oversize mouth. They can experience blood type analysis, coding and decoding secret message, ride a Segway, and explore the stars. A special feature of Science Overnights is a selection of hands-on activities and experiments that fit with the theme of the evening.


Registration and Information

Who can attend?
Everyone is invited to participate in this event, even non-4-H members. Please see the links below for online registration. All participants will need to register online and have a current health form uploaded to their ZSuite account or have one on file at the Extension Office, this includes all adult chaperones. Each county group is responsible for the youth that attend from their county. Chaperones are not provided.



January 27th-28th, 2023 : 7:00PM - 7:00AM


Science Museum of Oklahoma

2020 Remington Place

Oklahoma City, OK 73111


$45 for Youth

$25 for Chaperone

Registration and Information

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