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4-H Science Night

Ready to dodge frostbite with a non-Newtonianfluid and discover the Leidenfrost effect? Can YOU survive 300,000 volts of electricity? Get ready to have a night of physics fun at the Oklahoma Science Museum! 4-H’ers can sleep under a giant dinosaur, by a rocket engine or in an oversized mouth. They can experience explosions, mad scientists, ride a Segway, explore the stars, or try their hand at the physics of bridge-building. A special feature of Science Overnights is a selection of hands-on activities and experiments that fit with the theme of the evening.


Registration and Information

Who can attend?
Everyone! The science museum program is perfect for 9-12 year old youth, but every age seems to enjoy the event. Since this is a non-competitive event, feel free to bring younger or older youth, brothers, sisters, cousins, even those really big kids (parents and chaperones) to enjoy an evening filled with science and fun. Families are always welcome to participate.

Each county group is responsible for the youth that attend from their county. Chaperones are not provided.



February 11th-12th, 7:00PM - 7:00AM


Science Museum of Oklahoma

2020 Remington Place

Oklahoma City, OK 73111


$45 for Youth

$25 for Adults

Registration and Flyers

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