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Ever dreamed of dreaming with the sharks or sea turtles? Come join us at the Aquarium for our ZZZs in the Seas overnight event! If sharks aren't your idea of a relaxing night’s sleep, then feel free to slumber next to any of our other exhibits, except the beavers and the otters! The fun-filled night begins with check-in at 7:00 p.m. and includes a light snack, drinks, dive show (subject to tank conditions), self-guided scavenger hunt and flashlight tour, a movie and then sweet sea-themed dreams!


Oklahoma 4-H youth, parents, educators and volunteers will get to see thousands of salt and fresh water fish and animals. See the LARGEST bull sharks in captivity through a one-of-a-kind walk through tunnel, plus thousands of other captivating creatures including sea turtles, seahorses, jellyfish and eels. FEED and TOUCH stingrays and small sharks! You will be delighted by the playful river otters, beavers and raccoons.


The fun begins at 7:15 P.M. and includes a scavenger hunt, a flashlight tour, a movie and afterwards you'll be lulled to sleep by sweet sea-themed dreams!  A light breakfast will be served Saturday morning.



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