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Careers in Design and Construction

Explore the opportunities for making your 4-H project a life-long profession.


Design Portfolio

A portfolio is an accumulation of documents, photos, and reflections that summarizes the apparel design, interior design and/or hobbies and textile design work done during your 4-H career, as well as being a valuable source for ideas for future project work and resources. Each year, the member may add to the portfolio.


Elements and Principles of Design

Resources for learning the elements and principles of design. The elements and principles of design make the finished product visually appealing and unique. They are just as important as the skills being using to construct the project. Think of them like a recipe to create your work. The elements are like the ingredients and the principles are the instructions. By using elements, you create principles, such as "By repeating lines (the element) I created rhythm (the principle).”


Leadership in Design and Construction

The primary purpose for this project is to grow and enhance your skills as a teacher and/or facilitator. The presentation should demonstrate the use of a lesson plan, experiential learning, teaching and learning styles and 4-H life skills.

  • Creative Leadership
  • Planning a Lesson - Teen Action and Growth
    Careful preparation of your lesson will aid in communicating a message, because you will feel more secure and confident in front of your audience. If you are well prepared, they will pay more attention, and there will be fewer problems with loss of attention, which can result in dealing with behavior and discipline.


Multi-Media Presentation

Resources and guide for developing a multi-media presentation.

  •  Multimedia Presentation - A Multimedia presentation can be defined as media that combines different content forms such as text, audio, still images, animation and video to get a multi-faceted finished product. Multimedia content is recorded and played back on electronic media devices – flash drive or CD. Examples of Multimedia presentations: Movie, PowerPoint, Prezi, etc.
  • How to Prepare a Multimedia Presentation - Nebraska 4-H Communications Series


Recycle and Redesign

Brings together concepts of design and construction in apparel, interiors, hobbies and textiles. 4-H members are encouraged to recycle an old fashion, home interior item, textile or other product into a new end product. The finished product might be the creation of a brand new item or embellishing an old.

  • Frugal Fashion - The purpose for this project/product is for youth to demonstrate their ability to be a thrifty consumer. A thrifty consumer considers the quality of the product and the value of a dollar.
  • Recycling Your Clothes and Fabric - There are a variety of options for recycling unwanted, but still usable clothing and fabrics. Resale, donation, and reuse of clothing are already well-established practices in many Oklahoma communities.
  • Recycled Household Textiles and Clothing - When Oklahomans recycle their unwanted clothing and textiles, it provides three main benefits: funds charitable programs, reduces solid waste, and provides economic stimulus and employment.


Scientific Discovery

Projects and guides for applying Science to the design and construction projects.

  • Creative Scientific Discovery - The purpose for this creative component is for youth to learn and apply the scientific method to an experiment focused in Interior Design and Construction. The same concept can be used by any age with any Design and Construction area and reported in the portfolio.
  • STEM Quilt Making - Clothing and textiles-related projects reinforce science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) standards required for high school graduation.


Service Learning

Service-learning is more than "citizenship." Citizenship is only one piece of the total learning experience. Service-Learning intentionally integrates and emphasizes both service and learning. Youth engaged in service-learning not only provide direct service to the community, but also learn and grow in their knowledge, skills, and attitudes. Effective service-learning has benefits for young people, sponsoring organizations, communities, and society.

  • Creative Service Learning - Service-learning connects meaningful community service with academic learning, personal growth and civic responsibility. Service-learning is a much more involved experience than a community service activity or citizenship experience. It requires in-depth study to plan and initiate appropriate action to tackle important issues and ultimately to make a real difference in the life of an individual(s) and in the community. The feature that distinguishes service-learning from volunteering or community service is that both learning and service are intentionally emphasized.



A story board, sometimes called a mood board, is used to organize ideas. A story board is a collage that uses pictures, drawings, and photographs to communicate an idea, process or emotion. These images will help guide the content of your apparel or interiors project.

  • Storyboard Instructions -  A storyboard, sometimes called a mood board, is used to organize ideas. A storyboard is a collage that uses pictures, drawings, and photographs to communicate an idea, process, or emotion. These images help guide the content of your apparel or interiors project.
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