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4-H Youth Development

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Ag Innovators Curriculum

Ag Innovators Curriculum


Ag Innovators Evaluations

We need to collect many of the youth participant forms for our AIE Funders. In total we need 300 youth forms from Oklahoma. Please collect at least 50 of these from your county.


For our Teen Leaders we need to collect at least 20 Evaluation forms. These are only from our Teens that are teaching AIE. Please have each teen that participated in training and taught AIE complete the form at the conclusion of this project.


Evaluation for Facilitators to fill out after completing the program.


More details in case you have additional concerns:

  • Administer Pencil and Paper Survey (Not required if electronic survey was taken)
    1. This is an easy way to enter data, but not probably the quickest with large pools of data.
    2. Use the appropriate survey link found below to enter the data from each survey, one survey at a time (this is the same link that will be used if electronic administration is used).
    3. Transfer the data found on the paper version and enter it in the online fields.
    4. Once one survey is done and submitted, click on the link (or re-paste it into your browser) to start a new survey.
    5. Repeat until all surveys are created
  • Once All Results are Taken and Entered:

    Use the links listed below to preview live (real-time) frequency data for your survey. You will see the frequencies for each question change with each response that is submitted. The links will never change meaning you can reference it multiple times throughout your data entry process! It’s a great resource to insure your data is being entered correctly as it allows you to monitor the data you’ve entered. Also, PDF copies of the aggregated report can be downloaded (note, the report will only represent the data that has been collected up to that point in time.


Ag Innovator Experience


Wetland Buffer Project



Bioswales Model



Water Connects Us All Challenge



Rain Garden Model



Saturated Buffer





Please beware the Bioreactor lesson has been problematic. The reaction is dependent on the alkalinity of your water. 


Use to following to prepare water for this modeling activity:


Materials Needed: 

  • Alkaline Water (no hydrogen peroxide needed)
  • ½ Cap full of bleach
  • 2 Cups of water
  • Large container
  • Phenolphthalein  


  1. Measure 2 cups of water and pour into the large container 
  2. Measure ½ capful of bleach and pour into the large container 
  3. Add 5-8 drops of phenolphthalein to the solution
  4. (This will result in increasing the pH of the water. Once phenolphthalein (an organic compound used as a laboratory reagent and pH indicator) is added, the solution should turn bright pink. The main ingredient in household bleach is sodium hypochlorite. The pH of this solution is approximately 11. This will increase the in pH of the water or make it alkaline. )
  5. We have also discovered that alkaline water can be purchased. See your email for more details on this.


One of our educator participants reported,

“I have a solution to the Bioreactor issue.  Our high school science teacher, explained that Hydrogen Peroxide was not enough base for the indicator to work.  Using a Sodium Bicarbonate solution instead of Hydrogen Peroxide allows it to work.” 

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