4-H Youth Development

Communication & Expressive Arts 4H-COMM-300

Communication and Expressive Arts, including Public Speaking 4H-COMM-300

Communications - general

  • Creative Writing - The Writer in You (2017)  Source: 4-H Mall
  • Communication - (2017)  Source: 4-H Mall
  • 324. 4-H Communication Lessons- 18 individual lessons for club or project meetings
  • 301. Making Sense
  • 302. Mixed Message Mania!
  • 303. Narrowing Ideas
  • 304. Narrowing Topics
  • 305. One to One
  • 306. Organizing Ideas
  • 307. Outlining - a speech, paper or project
  • 308. Play or Skit - writing a play or skit
  • Fi9310. Recipe for Writing

  • 311. Recording - properly citing references and resources
  • 312. Roadblocks
  • 313. Rough Draft
  • 314. Sounds Like Who?
  • 316.The Gossip Game
  • 318. The Talk 10 List
  • 319. Two by Two
  • 321. Words Apart
  • 322. Writing
  • 323. You Don't Say!
  • 325. Actions Speak Louder
  • 326. Active Listening
  • 327. Brainstorming
  • 328. Communication Collage
  • 329. Communication Feedback
  • 332. Final Draft
  • 333. Finding Sources
  • 334. Interviewing

    Graphic Arts

    The practice or profession of designing print or electronic forms of visual information, as for an advertisement, publication, website  or any other type of visual communication by effectively combining text and graphics.  The finished product is pleasing to the eye, yet works effective in communicating a message.

  • Powerpoint presentation factsheet
  • Visual & Graphic Design - http://www.articulate.com/rapid-elearning/visual-graphic-design/
  • Photography

    4-H Photography Curriculum- (2017)  Source:  4-H Mall

    317. The Photo Essay

    Digital Camera - getting better pictures

    Photography Content  - Using the Elements and Principles of Art

    Public Speaking

  • Finding Your Voice:  Public Speaking (2017)  Source: 4-H Mall
  • 309. Presentation Outlining
  • 311. Recording- properly citing references and resources
  • 313. Rough Draft
  • 315. Techniques - presentations
  • 320. Visual Aids
  • 330. Creating visual presentation
  • 331. Exploring Topics
  • 333. Finding Sources
  • Powerpoint presentation fact sheet
  • Theater Arts

    4-H Theatre Arts Curriculum - http://www.4-h.org/resource-library/curriculum/creative-arts-curriculum/

    Video/Digital Movie Production

    4H.COMM.335 Video Production and Filming

    Action – Making Videos and Movies - An excellent publication about all aspects of production making.  It also includes an in-depth glossary explaining the lingo of video production.  Created by Wisconsin 4-H Extension.

    Communications Made Easy - Includes numerous tips and ideas to help pull together a production team, write a script, speak in front of a camera, and organize graphic designs on a video production

    Production Techniques - Random Techniques as applied to Production.  Includes graphics to illustrate the various techniques.

    Shooting Your Videos - Page 39 of the Michigan 4-H Extension Communications Toolkit, this page is a quick snapshot of various tips to improving the quality of the videotapes you shoot.  Order the complete Communications Toolkit at: http://shop.msu.edu/product_p/bulletin-4h1560.htm

    Elements and Principles of Design - Random Techniques as applied to Production.  Includes graphics to illustrate the various techniques.

    Storyboard Sheet Type 1 - A basic storyboard to help write and organize a production.

    Storyboard Sheet Type 2 - Another basic storyboard in a different format to help write and organize a production.

    4-H Filmmaking Curriculum (2017) Source:  4-H Mall

    National 4-H Filmmaking resources (2017) - http://www.4-h.org/resource-library/curriculum/4-h-filmmaking-studio-and-workshop/filmmaking-resources/

    Additional OK Digital Media Resources - http://4h.okstate.edu/programs/science-and-technology/photography-and-video-resources

    Visual Arts - general arts and crafts

    4H.VOL.136 Crafts: Developing Youth

    The ABC's of Art: the elements and princilples of design - B/W version of book created by M.C. Gillis

    The ABC's of Art: the elements and principles of design - Color version of book created by M.C. Gillis

    Additional resources and source of ABC's http://www.awesomeartists.com/ART/main.htm

    4-H Visual Arts Curriculum http://www.4-h.org/resource-library/curriculum/creative-arts-curriculum/ and Visual Arts Resources http://new.4-hcurriculum.org/projects/visualarts/

    Art Lessons - Simple, streamlined, 1-page PDF lesson plans designed and tested by real art teachers.  Grades K-12 http://www.theartofed.com/

    Teaching Art through Citizenship, STEM, and /oir Healthy Living.  Series of Grab-n-Go Lessons blending the arts with the three 4-H mission mandates.