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4-H Youth Development

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Take your 4-H'ers on a journey of exploration with our Space Explorers Curriculum.  In these activities youth will learn how NASA studies planets, build rockets, use the engineering design process, explore with Sphero Robots, design and test rovers, learn about the search for life, design a model greenhouse and plant bean seeds.

You may choose to teach all or some of the lessons in this curriculum.  To provide the best experience, it is encouraged that you include at least one activity in each section.

This curriculum was designed as part of the Imagine Science partnership grant with the Greater Oklahoma City YMCA and the Boys and Girls Club of Oklahoma County.


Discovery & Planning


1-Mission Patch Design   

Youth will learn about NASA mission patch design and work together to design a mission patch for their group.


2-Strange New Planet

Youth will learn how scientists gain information from looking at things from different perspectives.  They will observe model planets through a variety of simulated techniques including Earth-based telescopes, flyby and orbiter missions.   



In this card based activity, youth will work in teams to design a mission to a planet.  Youth will determine goals and work within engineering constraints (mass, power, money) to build a spacecraft.  (Requires sets of game cards and board) 




4-Stomp Rockets

Youth will build rockets using cardstock and tape to be launched by stomping on a 2L soda bottle. 


5-Foam Rockets

Youth will construct a rubber band powered rocket with copper pipe insulation and duct tape.


6-Egg Drop

Youth will work in teams to engineer a device to protect a raw egg when it is dropped from a height, simulating landing a spacecraft on another planet. 


Exploring the Surface 


7-Balloon Rovers

Youth work in teams to design, build, and test balloon powered rovers. 


8-Mars Helicopters

Youth will learn about the Mars Ingenuity Helicopter. They will construct and test a paper helicopter. 


9-Cipher Space

Youth will explore cybersecurity by using a Caesar cipher wheel to decode and create secret messages and participate in a relay race. 


10-Sphero Rover/Mars

Youth will practice coding and problem solving to complete a sample Mars mission using the Sphero BOLT robot. (Uses Sphero BOLT robots and iPads or other devices)




11-Looking for Life

Youth will develop a definition of life and examine simulated extraterrestrial soil samples for signs of life. 


12-Engineer a Greenhouse

Youth will use the engineering design process to design and build a model greenhouse.


13-Bean is a Seed

Youth will learn about the life cycle of a plant and make necklaces to germinate bean seeds. 


14-Bean in a Bottle

Youth will learn about hydroponics and build a water bottle planter. 

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