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Volunteer Core Competency Evaluation

IRB Proposal Title  "Evaluation of 4-H Volunteer Development Training IRB # AG 14 6," approved 1/10/2020.  If you have questions about the IRB procedures or need any assistance from the Board, please contact the IRB Office.



Position Descriptions


Background Check for 4-H Volunteers


Staff Training (Human Resources)  Each staff member who will be submitting or managing volunteers in the designated company's data base must complete an online training course through OSU Human Resources


Learning Management System  Login using your university credentials. From the search field, enter and select “ Verified Volunteers 4-H Staff Training,” click “Request” box to initiate the training.


Once the results are posted in the Learning Management System, the persons name will be submitted for a county manager account.


Professional Development for Volunteer Managers

To grow your understanding and knowledge of 4-H Volunteer Development and 4-H Volunteer Management, we encourage Professional Development and

Youth Development




OSU Extension: Civil Rights for Volunteers


WWM for Volunteers 


New Volunteer Orientation 


Volunteer Certification 

  • Orientation - New Volunteers and Volunteers being Re-Certified **Under Revision: Training is temporarily offline for revisions. Contact Karla Knoepfli for a copy of the training PPT under revision for use with all volunteers being certified or re-certified.  


Additional Resources

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